After the Storm Part II

Well it’s Part I for you all here but I had to post on my other blog first because I am still writing and do have a book that will be out in the Christmas in the Mountains segment late November early December. My leading lady has talked herself into trouble. See the cover below:

Accidental Boyfriend cover new picture with author title

Anyway, with the storm gone and the power finally back on I am without the Internet at home. I miss it a little but I am also glad it’s gone. One, it saves me money not to have to keep it on. Two, it allows me to focus on my writing work and my knitting. I’m even coming up with new recipes…maybe I’ll write another cookbook.  (Lulu, Amazon, Create Space.)


Basically, with the Internet gone and my only time to use it is when I leave the house to get to a place where it’s free for me I will not be on here much. I’ll try to write up blogs to schedule and chat about new workouts and things of that sort. I’ll still be around, just not as much as before.

Thanks to all of you who are still with me. Say hi and I will respond once I’m back on the Internet.


Capri Montgomery


Happy September

We are getting closer to Autumn and seasonal changes brings with it a change of clothes and for some a change of workouts. Will you be doing your usual workouts or will you be adding something new, going back to something old but something you had fun with?

I have gotten off my solid vegetarian path and I do notice a difference. I felt a lot better when I didn’t eat shrimp or fish and I am going to try to go back to not eating that. If I eat it I do not want to eat it more than once a week. I know some might say “it’s only seafood” but seafood is a meat. While only eating that pushes me into yet another food box with yet another title, it’s still meat. Not that I have something against people eating meat, but I feel better physically when I don’t eat it.

In other health news–I am one pound away from my goal of getting back to the weight I was before I gained the five pounds. I’m not tall so the additional weight on me is definitely noticeable and I didn’t really like that at all. I cannot really talk to anybody about it because they always give me the jab of “you don’t need,” or even the insults that come with having health and weight goals. The thing is, I never said I “need” to lose weight. I said I “want” to lose weight. I liked the me before the additional five pounds and I very much plan to get that last pound to go away (the healthy way of course).

I hope everybody has a great end of summer.

Stay Healthy

Love in the Clouds

There are times when I can see the clouds from my window and I just see one that I have to go out and photograph. Of course one always leads to more than one but there is something relaxing about looking up at the peace in the clouds and watching which way they are moving.

Today isn’t a stormy day for us…yet…so most of the clouds had a hint of serenity. No matter your location if you can see the clouds you might just see something that captivates you no matter how boring, or hectic, the the day is.


Stay Healthy

Another Day Fit

In regards to yesterday I checked all but two things off my to-do list but I’m still happy things got done and I came up with some new ideas for workouts and end of year activities I can try to make happen.

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga againI’m more yoga than weights because, despite what some women say, I really do think women can be bulky depending on their body build. As I have said before, “bulky is relative” and while some people will flex their muscles kissing them and trying to profess of how women cannot be bulky I see their muscles as bulky and not as something I want for “my” body. It’s okay to see the world and the body different as humans are different and we will not all see things the same way.

I think I need to surround myself with women who like to workout. Men are okay too but women more so because I think we could connect more on some things, moves, etc. It would be nice to connect and make friends with people who love fitness so much they are willing to work for it.

Speaking of working out, I need to get off my butt and do my workout this morning.

Have a great weekend you all and as always…

Stay Healthy

Live For Today

Me_blog1_webSitting here watching Archer cut the grass and flipping through Shape magazine while I should be knitting I looked at my To-Do list for the day and only saw one thing checked off—Irish. Somewhere my mind, not really at peace but not at war either, I saw the uncompleted list and I told myself, “yeah, if you wake up tomorrow you can do that”.

Yes, tomorrow is not promised to any soul and sometimes it’s okay to still put something off until tomorrow in order to enjoy today. I am learning this now. I’m still trying to live in the here and now because I’ve lived my entire life under some requirements of living how other people assured me it was how I was supposed to be and while tomorrow is not promised to anybody you should never live for the day because there is something selfish and unholy about that. You don’t grow up from the age of three into adulthood fed a line and easily change that. I guess as I get older I am trying to connect with me, and the  me I could have been knowing that I might not wake up tomorrow, but it’s okay because if I do then my to-do list will still be there waiting for me.

After Archer finishes cutting the grass—yes, I picked the name for the lawn mower after my mother asked me what we would name him since I keep saying “he” and now she does it too. I just like the name Archer for so many reasons so Archer was the first name that came to me.

IMG_0402_blog_webAfter Archer finishes doing what he does and then recharges himself I will go inside, get myself ready to bake the cookies I was too tired after a full day of cleaning gutters and doing yard work yesterday to do and I will check one more thing off the list. All the other stuff like editing a finished book or working on another short story I am thinking of adding to the winter season end of year book…well if I’m exhausted from kitchen and house cleaning then  if tomorrow comes for me I can do that tomorrow.

We all know tomorrow might not come to us but if you can, try to make the best of the day and if you wake up tomorrow be happy that you don’t have any regrets of the things that you missed while trying to live your life in a future you might never have.

Stay Healthy


Sunday Updates

I’m excited because I leveled up in my Irish studies so I am on the step before the last level. I constantly say I haven’t learned much and my mother reminds me that I didn’t know anything when I started. I have learned; I guess I just thought by now I would know more. I don’t know anybody who speaks the language so it’s not as if I can talk with anybody in it.

In addition to leveling up with my language studies I finished the first draft to one of my books and worked on covers for other books. This is so much fun for me because I love the world of art.

All that goodness and I’m super excited about what?–The morning workout. I love working out so let’s just say working out is an art so I’m still in the same realm here ;).

Working out is such a great way to kick off any morning, but especially Sunday morning. Kicking the week off doing something healthy is another notch in “no excuses” wall that can, with hopes, keep the rest of the week on track too.

Stay Healthy


No Need To Sit

Yesterday I had to see to the lawn but the charger needed a break so while the lawnmower battery was charging, and I was tired of knitting, I decided to workout outdoors. Yes, there isn’t any privacy that way but I often hope people have a life and can mind their own business.

I get bored sitting so I got up and what started as pushups off the wall turned into lower body work, then yoga, more arm and back work, light walking on the path leading to the front door and more yoga again. As my braids fell down around my face I kept moving and it felt great–hot and sweaty but great still.

Getting up off my butt always feels good for me and sometimes I take a break from my writing work during the day just so I can do some yoga or some full cardio exercises even if I did them that morning. I’m a morning bird so I wake up working out.

How do you keep your energy up and your body moving during the day? Are you a seat of your pants workout person or do you structurally plot and plan every move? Whatever you do have fun, stay safe and as always…

Stay Healthy

Monday in August

Yoga really is a great way to get up and get started in the morning. Yoga not only stretches the body but it also can strengthen it. This morning was my break from the run/jog around the room and I did yoga for the total body routine, weight loss routine, slim waist routine and the flexibility routine. Forty minutes of workout felt refreshing upon completion.

If you are looking for something different to add to your usual workout routine or you just want to add yoga in for the day there are plenty of yoga videos online. I gravitate to Tara Stiles and her yoga routines but you can find so many that you can pick and choose which ones are best for you.

Don’t worry so much about balance. If you have difficulty you can keep a chair near that you can use for support or if you’re in your bedroom you can balance using the bed or dresser for support. I know when I hit a move that I feel a little wobbly in that day putting my fingertips on the bed on the side of me to stabilize myself really works.

Whatever your workout choice just remember to keep moving. If you are kind to your body it will try its best to be kind to you too.

Stay Healthy

Hello Sunday

It’s the start of yet another week and fortunately I am kicking it off right. 30-Minutes of jogging and 37-minutes of yoga and I feel great. Next on my list is meditation by the fountain. I have other things to do today but having a “me” moment is always a good thing. People really should just take a moment outside of the hectic pace of the world of fixing things for everybody else and just breathe. A break that’s about you is a good thing.

It’s the last full week of this month so please do try to enjoy it.

Stay Healthy

Not Always The Bad Guy

I have always put thought into my dreams–even the ones with the aliens–because they really do mean something. A lot of the time it’s more about something going on with me that I am clearly avoiding in my waking hours and my subconscious will not let me avoid it while I sleep.

Last night was not any different than other dreams in that I could understand what it meant for me. Of course I was mid morning workout while the thoughts were going through my mind. Once again, my dream represented my reality in so many ways; unfortunately I was still lost on the wrong side of town when I woke up so I don’t know if I found my way home.

In real life, when I was lost on the wrong side of town–literally, not metaphorically speaking, there was a really nice guy in the car with the rest of his gang members who told me how to get to the street I was looking for–thus proving judging people by their not so noble and honest career choice really isn’t a good thing. Sometimes the “bad” guys aren’t as bad as everybody else says they are.

For Sunday morning beyond the dream world, I was able to get forty minutes of jog/run around room time in, twenty minutes of yoga, and some additional stretching after. I actually managed to get a little deeper with my splits today. I managed to be only about an inch and a half off my bed on the right leg and three inches or slightly under on my left leg. I’m more flexible with my right and more stable with my left. I already knew this but doing a full split has never been something I could do and I’m working on it now.

Have you had one of those moments where you really look at yourself, your life, your accomplishments or your mistakes and found motivation to keep going?

Stay Healthy