I will state it up front that I am not an avid makeup wearer. I got into makeup many moons ago when I modeled and got out of it swiftly. It just was never really for me, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t wear it on special occasions. According to my mother I took the lipstick out her purse when I was a little girl and made a mess on my face. So I can’t say that I did not like makeup at all, it’s just as I grew I guess I didn’t care that much about it.

Last year I got into experimenting with some things. Mostly I did this because I finally opened my makeup case and realized all the stuff I needed to throw away since I hadn’t used it in years. And of course going into the store and seeing a shadow on sale was like a flashing sign telling me to buy it.

I have been wearing makeup a little more lately, not every day, not even every week, but sometimes I play with the shadows I have. Part of it is just for fun, the other part is I look at all the shadows I just “had” to buy and think of how many shadows I just “had” to throw away because they sat in a case for years, used once and then never used again. Everything has a shelf life and my eyes are important to me so I opted for not using possibly severely damaged products.

On this blog I will talk about beauty, health and fashion because I love health topics like fitness and food; I like designing my own outfits and sometimes shopping too, and of course I’m wearing makeup more frequently but also doing more natural DIY face and body products.

Topics may be about reviews of new products, healthy recipes I have made and foods I like to eat, dresses I’m working on or have recently finished, fashion in general and sometimes even a look at how all these things impact life and how people treat people based on these things. You can get a lighthearted glimpse of that in a post I did on my other blog.

I hope you all will come back and share your experience here, tell me what you think, and please follow the blog for new posts weekly.


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