Eat Healthy Live Healthy

Sometimes eating healthy can be as simple as a substitution.

When I’m not cooking mostly vegetarian I am cutting out as much of the not so healthy foods that I can. Enter baked sweet potato fries.

IMG_3908I like to season them with different seasonings and spices but sometimes I make them sweet by using cinnamon and sometimes I will add ground ginger.

If you’re in the mood to cut out the basic white potato and deep fried fries then baked sweet potato fries might just be for you.

                             ~ How I do it ~

I use about 1T extra light virgin olive oil that I pour into the bowl over the potatoes and mix it in with the seasonings I have already sprinkled on the potatoes. You can use your hands or a wooden spoon (any spoon really). Then I dump them into the dish I am going to use, or I will lay them out on the cookie sheet depending on what’s available to me at the time. I bake them (400 degrees F) about 45 minutes to an hour being sure to shake them / turn them about half way through.

Different ovens cook differently so if you decide to make them be sure to check up on them so they don’t burn.

Crunchiness and softness will depend on how thick you cut your fries.

Stay Healthy :).


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