Mint Sensations

When I’m mixing up new facial products I like to use organic peppermint essential oil. Sometimes I use it alone and sometimes I will combine it with organic Lavender essential oil. Mixed with jojoba oil or grape seed is a great way to get a mini facial moisturizing nighttime experience. Of course these oils can be mixed with creams as well but be sure to know what you are allergic to before trying this out.

Essential OilsI like the tingle of the peppermint but I also have to remind myself if I use this anywhere near my eyes I’m going to need to close them for a minute or more depending on how much I used.

Peppermint essential oil is also good at relieving headaches—at least it has worked for me sometimes when I have a migraine.

By way of beauty products I like to make my own when I can but I also have some drugstore products that I can get into as well.

Next on my beauty DIY list of things I want to do is make makeup removing cloths. I saw a method for doing this so it’s really about making sure I have everything I need to get it done before I get started.

Do you have any natural products that you like to use?


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