Working Out Stereotypes

I never heard this before starting to spend a little more time online in my search for hair and beauty information, but apparently there is this strange idea that Black women do not workout. From some of the Black women I have seen the crazy antic that it only applies to those with relaxers because they are scared to mess up their hair.

I cannot speak for every woman but I can speak for me. While I am mixed my hair is more of a mixed toward ethnic black than not. I can also speak regarding the friends that I had and I can say that we had no problem working out.

Personally, I have always loved to workout. Relaxed and natural hair never stopped me from working out. And despite what some of those women think I found it easier to do my hair post workout with a relaxer than I do with my hair natural now.

  • My idea of a wash and go is a true wash and go. I wash my hair and spray it with oil or rub a moisturizer on it and I go. That is a wash and go to me. Now with natural hair I cannot, and do not do that.
  • I washed my hair a lot more with a relaxer and my hair seemed to grow fast and long. Working out every day with a shower after every day sometimes led to shampooing at least every couple days depending on my hair needs and the mood I was in. Sometimes I would just wash because I wanted to.
  • I have loved working out since childhood—even when I didn’t realize I was working out. Hair has never stopped me from doing it.

If you want to workout and be healthy then you will do it. If you want it you find a way and if you don’t you will find an excuse.

Stay Healthy.

DIY Deep Conditioner

I made this product for natural hair, but it could possibly work on relaxed hair too. I do not know for sure so relaxed or natural please be cautious and alert to your allergies and your hair needs.

I prefer organic but I do not always find organic in the veggies or fruits that I’m getting. If you can find organic then I would advise organic because you avoid the numerous chemical pesticides.

Also, this recipe was made for two people with thick hair. While I have moderately long (long is relative I guess) hair my hair is thick. If you are just making this for yourself, do not have very thick and long hair then cutting this recipe in half might be just fine for you.

Now, on to the DIY Deep Conditioner

What You’ll Need

  • 2 bananas
  • 2 avocados
  • Water
  • Organic lavender essential oil (optional)


Peel bananas and avocados and put both in blender (the avocados and the bananas Not the peels)

Add about ¼ cup of water (add more as needed to blend to a smoother consistency)

Pour blended mix into strainer over bowl large enough to hold your creation.

Gently tap strainer on bowl to let the juice fall through while keeping pulp in the strainer.

(I double strained mine doing it in one bowl first, cleaning out the strainer and doing the same technique in a new bowl.)

Add 3 drops of the Lavender essential oil if you want and stir into the mixture.

I find sectioning the hair works better so if you have done this take down section by section and spray on a little water (or if you forgot your spray bottle, like I did, just use some water from the sink in the palm of your hand to apply a little water to your hair—do Not soak hair with water.)

DIY ConditionerApply product to hair from roots to ends.

Twist hair into two sections and cover with a plastic cap, or just shove your hair under there if need be. Leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse product out.

Now I know some people do these types of deep conditioners without doing anything more than rinsing them out, and I get that as all the vitamins are in the product you took the time to make so why wash them out? But if you’re like me and have a strange, “there’s food in my hair,” type feeling 😉 then co-washing with a gentle conditioner is fine too. Do Not shampoo this out unless you are planning to do another type of deep conditioner after.

If you try this let me know if it did anything for your hair and if you liked it.

Stay Beautiful.

Soft Yellow Rose

Staying Healthy: Paying Attention to Your Mental Health State

It seems there are always articles about eating healthy, working out and living healthy by cutting out bad habits; while I think those are great, and I do love to explore the articles, I think there is another part of our humanity that is important to keep healthy.

Mental health is crucial to happiness, to functioning in basic and complicated tasks, and to living the best life you can with the circumstances you have.

Now not every mental health issue is solvable without medication, but many of them are for a lot of people.

Cut Out or Limit Things that Make You Sad

Pay attention to your emotions. What are you doing when you start to feel sad, happy, annoyed or angry? Sometimes it’s a memory and those things will always be there, but sometimes it could be something as basic as reading the news, or watching it. That doesn’t mean cut out the news entirely, unless you want to, but maybe limiting the amount you watch/read daily or even weekly could help curtail some of the moments of depression. Even if that depression is only a half hour long, that’s still a half hour of your life that you could have spent happy.

If there is something in your life that brings you down and you have to struggle to find your way back up to being relatively happy/content, then try cutting it out of your life, or at least limiting your exposure to it.

Choose Your Friends and Associates Wisely

This one is difficult because it’s not always easy to cut people out of your life. People you work with will be at work with you again come Monday morning so you’ll have to find a way to keep your peaceful state of mind, your sanity, and your happiness despite a possible annoyance with a negative co-worker.

Things that May Help

  • Motivational Quotes ~ putting these on a sticky note or just keeping them in mind could give you something to think about that is positive and can help you get through an otherwise stressful situation.
  • Think of something good in your life. ~ Something positive that has happened to you even in the course of the morning could bring a smile to your heart.
  • Take a walk. ~ A walk around outside the building brings fresh air into your lungs and can help ease some of the stress you may be feeling.

If your issues come from people who are your friend then try talking with them because if they do care about you they may hear your voice and try to come to some sort of compromise with you. If they don’t care about you, then maybe they aren’t really your friend.

Sometimes you just have to find something that brings you peace and try to hang on to it even when the world around you is determined to bring you down. And if you need to speak with somebody to help you deal with your emotions go see a psychologist who can help you find a way to work through what’s going on in your life. There is no weakness in asking for help when you need it.

Stay Healthy.

It All Comes Back

I know Thursdays are for fashion but being sick and coming back to blogging kind of mixed me up. If I’m not mistaken, I did Beauty on Thursday this week instead of Fashion so I’m doing Fashion today.

Fashion is kind of like a revolving door; everything comes back around eventually. Bell bottoms came in, they went out and they seem to be kind of coming in again. I was watching a picture filmed in the seventies with my mom and we both pointed out the afro because back then afro hairstyles and other natural looks were totally in style. I’m seeing more of those looks coming back and the women are totally rocking them confidently and beautifully.

Royalty Free for use photo from

Royalty Free for use photo from

I had looked through some of my mom’s old photos and had a chance to see a variety of hairstyles I would love to try once my slightly over a year challenge is up. The only thing keeping me going is my commitment to this challenge. I said I was going to do it so I am going to do it.

That being said, taking the time off allows me to perfect my natural DIY hair products too. So far I have done a sealing oil mixed with jojoba and argon oils, peppermint essential oil and later I added some lavender to the mix. I like the creation. It feels good on my scalp and I think it leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy.

Do you have any styles in clothing or hair, and even makeup, that you want to see come back in style?

Lips and Things

I know I missed the Tuesday health post this week but I was not well and did not do anything super healthy for myself. I cooked for my mom but I totally skipped a full dinner for myself. Actually, I can’t really remember eating anything besides a few cookies (so not healthy).

Anyway, I’m back…crazy busy, but back nonetheless. Today is about beauty and for lack of serious research I did come across a video on YouTube on How to Prevent Crusty Lipstick Residue. I can’t say that I have had this problem in the way she talks about it…at least I don’t think I have, but it’s always good to get tips on how to make makeup stay beautiful throughout the day. The video is a little over two minutes I think.

I vaguely remember back in my modeling days that one of the MUAs said to apply a little foundation on the lips before the lipstick. I actually don’t do that because I never think about it.

If you have anything that you do to prolong lipstick throughout the day then please share in the comments.

Stay beautifully you.

Natural Hair Style Edition

While I did try out a new DIY facial mask I would have talked about had I liked it, I am not talking about it because I cannot recommend it as it is and will need to tweak it a bit before sharing. However, this is the day for beauty so let’s talk hair.

I found these ladies (GlamTwinz334) through their makeup videos (they are not the lady in the above photo). It’s hard to really place how I stumbled upon them because I really didn’t watch a large amount of YouTube videos. But once I found their makeup video I checked out their page and realized they do a lot on beauty including natural hair tips and styles.

If you have time you can check out the Battle of Stylers — “Curls Blueberry Series” Blownout. For those of you with natural hair you can find out about the product used and see how you can replicate the look. As always, be beautifully you and if you want to change the style then you know how to do it to make it more you.

A Hint of Old Fashion

woman-553429_1280 (2)I remember seeing women who wore hats to events. A lot of the hats had just the right amount of class combined with style, but weren’t so over the top that the person behind them couldn’t see the stage.

I have hats because I love to buy them and they are usually the lounge on a cruise type hat, but sometimes it’s a hat to wear with a nice dress too. I have been looking at some of the 1920’s inspired head accessories lately but I don’t own any of those.

I have been seeing a few more hats lately. Are hats coming back in style or are people just boldly going where they want to go?

DIY Beauty Days

It is easy to forget the important things like taking some time for yourself. I am guilty of this. I wake up and while I get my workout in every day I have a tendency to start working on writing my next book, editing, figuring out what I have to cook for dinner that day or running errands for other people. I am horrible at taking a minute to just pay attention to me.

I had decided a long time ago (as in last year) to do DIY at home spa days and to mix it with a go out and do something other than work on writing day. But that didn’t really happen.

So once again I found myself thinking of doing some DIY projects that won’t consist of a whole day but would make me step outside of my work zone and pay attention to me and relaxing just a little during the day.

Yesterday I reaffirmed the DIY projects I want to work on but still need to get the ingredients for some of them in order to do them. I did have some ingredients so I decided to shut down the computer, put knitting on hold, and do a mini DIY at home spa moment.

Here is my face mask.

Lavender Coconut Mint Mask

What You Will Need:

Organic Coconut Flour

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Organic Peppermint Essential Oil



1T organic coconut flour

1T organic coconut oil

4 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

What to Do:

In a small bowl or dish combine flour, oil and lavender and peppermint Essential Oils. Stir until combined.

Face Mask

Wash face and pat dry.

With clean hands, apply face mask mixture in slow upward circular motion. Be gentle with your touch. Avoid eye area. Let product sit on face 5 minutes or longer.

Rinse off with cool, but not cold, water. If you have a basin to fill with distilled water that would be good to soak a clean washcloth in and gently use the cloth to remove the product as well.

I have other organic homemade products I will bring to this blog in the future. If you’re into natural skin and hair products follow the blog and get notified of new posts as they go up.

The Magic of C & C

Last Fashion Thursday I talked about how I kept seeing all these posts about “must wear dress to get man” ideas. So this week I’m talking about something more important in first impression standards.

If you don’t believe it they won’t believe it. If you’re not comfortable in what you have on it will show.

  • The first C is ~ Confidence

Being sure of yourself does not mean being arrogant. Being sure of yourself means you have faith in the you that is you. You have found the important things about you, both inward and outward, and you can openly embrace them. Even though you know your flaws you don’t let them hold you down. You are always learning, improving and living life to the best of your ability. You can take pride in who you are and not let what other people say tear you apart. Confidence is crucial for personal life, business life and even romantic life.

Remember, nobody can take away who you are, or your worth, unless you give it to them.

  • The second C is ~ Comfortable.
Royalty Free image from

Royalty Free image from

Yes, comfortable clothes are important. Don’t let somebody say you must wear a dress, heals, makeup, curly or straight hair, natural or colored hair, permed or relaxed. These things are your choice not theirs. If you are not comfortable in your clothes it will show. So don’t bank on retro snagging you the best first impression if you’re not into that style.

You can be just as beautiful in jeans as you can in a dress. If somebody can’t see your true beauty without trying to force you to wear things you aren’t comfortable wearing then they don’t deserve you.

Royalty Free photo from

Royalty Free photo from

There are people who will judge you based on the clothes you wear. For a man sometimes a nice suit can be attractive, or a fitted pair of jeans, maybe even the cowboy look can make a woman (if it’s done right) see a confident man. For a woman sometimes a dress, a fitted pair of jeans or even a pair of shorts can make a lasting good first impression.

Visual first impressions are in the eye of the beholder. There isn’t a one size fits all. So, be the best you that you can be. Have confidence, be comfortable with the look you leave the house wearing, and don’t own other people’s opinions of you; don’t let them change you because they can’t do it if you don’t let them.

fruit filled bowl picture

Healthy Because You Want To

I am a firm believer that people who do things because it’s what they want will work harder to make it happen. As the saying goes, those who want it will find a way; those who don’t will find an excuse. Health isn’t any different on that level. Those who want to eat healthy and lose weight will do those things. Will it be easy? Not always and not for everybody. But anything worth having is worth working for.

Vegetable Basket

Yes healthy food can be expensive, but so can the health troubles that come from eating a lot of unhealthy foods. Farmers’ Markets, and grocery store runs can yield surprisingly lower prices than expected. You have to buy food from somewhere; why not buy healthy?

picture of lettuceGoing grocery shopping and buying healthy fruits and vegetables provides more than one meal. If you count the amount of meals you can get from the healthy foods you bought you may find that the cost of what you bought pays off better than the quick fast and in a hurry fast food.

And, if you have space, even in the apartment, to grow some of your own vegetables in a pot that could help cut the cost too.

Nutritious and Tasteful Creations:

lettuceGreen Smoothies

You can add tofu, but I haven’t done that at this time. I like to add spinach, avocados (when I have them) chia seeds, frozen fruit (freshly frozen or store bought frozen) and kale (when I have it). You can add flax seeds too if you want. Check out some information on them here (and wherever else you want to research) before jumping in to make sure you do it up right.

You can also add ice if you don’t have a lot of fresh fruit to freeze, but if you have found berries on sale and bought more than you can use before they spoil you can wash them and freeze them for future use.

This creation actually fills me up for breakfast.

picture of homemade green smoothie.

The fresh blackberries seem to trump the green spinach color, but it’s in there :).

A recipe you can check out (I have not tried this as I am allergic to yogurt) can be found here.

Stay Healthy :).

(Photo mix of Royalty Free and my own copyright images.)