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Healthy Because You Want To

I am a firm believer that people who do things because it’s what they want will work harder to make it happen. As the saying goes, those who want it will find a way; those who don’t will find an excuse. Health isn’t any different on that level. Those who want to eat healthy and lose weight will do those things. Will it be easy? Not always and not for everybody. But anything worth having is worth working for.

Vegetable Basket

Yes healthy food can be expensive, but so can the health troubles that come from eating a lot of unhealthy foods. Farmers’ Markets, and grocery store runs can yield surprisingly lower prices than expected. You have to buy food from somewhere; why not buy healthy?

picture of lettuceGoing grocery shopping and buying healthy fruits and vegetables provides more than one meal. If you count the amount of meals you can get from the healthy foods you bought you may find that the cost of what you bought pays off better than the quick fast and in a hurry fast food.

And, if you have space, even in the apartment, to grow some of your own vegetables in a pot that could help cut the cost too.

Nutritious and Tasteful Creations:

lettuceGreen Smoothies

You can add tofu, but I haven’t done that at this time. I like to add spinach, avocados (when I have them) chia seeds, frozen fruit (freshly frozen or store bought frozen) and kale (when I have it). You can add flax seeds too if you want. Check out some information on them here (and wherever else you want to research) before jumping in to make sure you do it up right.

You can also add ice if you don’t have a lot of fresh fruit to freeze, but if you have found berries on sale and bought more than you can use before they spoil you can wash them and freeze them for future use.

This creation actually fills me up for breakfast.

picture of homemade green smoothie.

The fresh blackberries seem to trump the green spinach color, but it’s in there :).

A recipe you can check out (I have not tried this as I am allergic to yogurt) can be found here.

Stay Healthy :).

(Photo mix of Royalty Free and my own copyright images.)


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