The Magic of C & C

Last Fashion Thursday I talked about how I kept seeing all these posts about “must wear dress to get man” ideas. So this week I’m talking about something more important in first impression standards.

If you don’t believe it they won’t believe it. If you’re not comfortable in what you have on it will show.

  • The first C is ~ Confidence

Being sure of yourself does not mean being arrogant. Being sure of yourself means you have faith in the you that is you. You have found the important things about you, both inward and outward, and you can openly embrace them. Even though you know your flaws you don’t let them hold you down. You are always learning, improving and living life to the best of your ability. You can take pride in who you are and not let what other people say tear you apart. Confidence is crucial for personal life, business life and even romantic life.

Remember, nobody can take away who you are, or your worth, unless you give it to them.

  • The second C is ~ Comfortable.
Royalty Free image from

Royalty Free image from

Yes, comfortable clothes are important. Don’t let somebody say you must wear a dress, heals, makeup, curly or straight hair, natural or colored hair, permed or relaxed. These things are your choice not theirs. If you are not comfortable in your clothes it will show. So don’t bank on retro snagging you the best first impression if you’re not into that style.

You can be just as beautiful in jeans as you can in a dress. If somebody can’t see your true beauty without trying to force you to wear things you aren’t comfortable wearing then they don’t deserve you.

Royalty Free photo from

Royalty Free photo from

There are people who will judge you based on the clothes you wear. For a man sometimes a nice suit can be attractive, or a fitted pair of jeans, maybe even the cowboy look can make a woman (if it’s done right) see a confident man. For a woman sometimes a dress, a fitted pair of jeans or even a pair of shorts can make a lasting good first impression.

Visual first impressions are in the eye of the beholder. There isn’t a one size fits all. So, be the best you that you can be. Have confidence, be comfortable with the look you leave the house wearing, and don’t own other people’s opinions of you; don’t let them change you because they can’t do it if you don’t let them.


4 thoughts on “The Magic of C & C

  1. JustBeYou says:

    This is so true. There is no point in dressing for other people. You should dress for yourself and love yourself even if other people don’t like your clothes. I hate when people try to make people slaves to their opinions.


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