Yoga in the Morning…

…afternoon, evening and even the night. It’s Tuesday so today’s blogging day is about health. This week I am talking yoga.

I really like yoga and I love that you can make it intense or relaxing depending on what you need. It’s also one of those workouts, like all the others, that you can really do at the time of day that best fits your schedule.

Now before the first thought is about money and the lack thereof, you can actually find free workouts online via YouTube, including yoga videos. You don’t need to join a gym or go in pursuit of yoga DVDs to buy, although if you want to those are good to have too. But if you’re on a budget, aren’t sure you want to do yoga for a long-term workout and really can’t afford to spend the money then you can always turn to YouTube.

Yoga Worth Trying

Relaxing Yoga pose royalty free graphic

This is a disclaimer I see on many workout DVDs so I’ll share it too: consult your physician before beginning the workout.

I like using Tara Stiles YouTube yoga routines when I’m online for yoga. While I do have videos I really like her routines. There are well over fifty different workouts you can do ranging from just a few minutes to about eleven minutes. You can do one or do as many as you want.

For some of them it is the full routine, others you will have to repeat the routine to do the other side, and some just give you some basic moves. Once you are comfortable and know the moves you can always take it off the computer, put on your favorite music and do your own thing.

Stay Healthy


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