Natural Hair Style Edition

While I did try out a new DIY facial mask I would have talked about had I liked it, I am not talking about it because I cannot recommend it as it is and will need to tweak it a bit before sharing. However, this is the day for beauty so let’s talk hair.

I found these ladies (GlamTwinz334) through their makeup videos (they are not the lady in the above photo). It’s hard to really place how I stumbled upon them because I really didn’t watch a large amount of YouTube videos. But once I found their makeup video I checked out their page and realized they do a lot on beauty including natural hair tips and styles.

If you have time you can check out the Battle of Stylers — “Curls Blueberry Series” Blownout. For those of you with natural hair you can find out about the product used and see how you can replicate the look. As always, be beautifully you and if you want to change the style then you know how to do it to make it more you.


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