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Staying Healthy: Paying Attention to Your Mental Health State

It seems there are always articles about eating healthy, working out and living healthy by cutting out bad habits; while I think those are great, and I do love to explore the articles, I think there is another part of our humanity that is important to keep healthy.

Mental health is crucial to happiness, to functioning in basic and complicated tasks, and to living the best life you can with the circumstances you have.

Now not every mental health issue is solvable without medication, but many of them are for a lot of people.

Cut Out or Limit Things that Make You Sad

Pay attention to your emotions. What are you doing when you start to feel sad, happy, annoyed or angry? Sometimes it’s a memory and those things will always be there, but sometimes it could be something as basic as reading the news, or watching it. That doesn’t mean cut out the news entirely, unless you want to, but maybe limiting the amount you watch/read daily or even weekly could help curtail some of the moments of depression. Even if that depression is only a half hour long, that’s still a half hour of your life that you could have spent happy.

If there is something in your life that brings you down and you have to struggle to find your way back up to being relatively happy/content, then try cutting it out of your life, or at least limiting your exposure to it.

Choose Your Friends and Associates Wisely

This one is difficult because it’s not always easy to cut people out of your life. People you work with will be at work with you again come Monday morning so you’ll have to find a way to keep your peaceful state of mind, your sanity, and your happiness despite a possible annoyance with a negative co-worker.

Things that May Help

  • Motivational Quotes ~ putting these on a sticky note or just keeping them in mind could give you something to think about that is positive and can help you get through an otherwise stressful situation.
  • Think of something good in your life. ~ Something positive that has happened to you even in the course of the morning could bring a smile to your heart.
  • Take a walk. ~ A walk around outside the building brings fresh air into your lungs and can help ease some of the stress you may be feeling.

If your issues come from people who are your friend then try talking with them because if they do care about you they may hear your voice and try to come to some sort of compromise with you. If they don’t care about you, then maybe they aren’t really your friend.

Sometimes you just have to find something that brings you peace and try to hang on to it even when the world around you is determined to bring you down. And if you need to speak with somebody to help you deal with your emotions go see a psychologist who can help you find a way to work through what’s going on in your life. There is no weakness in asking for help when you need it.

Stay Healthy.


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