DIY Deep Conditioner

I made this product for natural hair, but it could possibly work on relaxed hair too. I do not know for sure so relaxed or natural please be cautious and alert to your allergies and your hair needs.

I prefer organic but I do not always find organic in the veggies or fruits that I’m getting. If you can find organic then I would advise organic because you avoid the numerous chemical pesticides.

Also, this recipe was made for two people with thick hair. While I have moderately long (long is relative I guess) hair my hair is thick. If you are just making this for yourself, do not have very thick and long hair then cutting this recipe in half might be just fine for you.

Now, on to the DIY Deep Conditioner

What You’ll Need

  • 2 bananas
  • 2 avocados
  • Water
  • Organic lavender essential oil (optional)


Peel bananas and avocados and put both in blender (the avocados and the bananas Not the peels)

Add about ¼ cup of water (add more as needed to blend to a smoother consistency)

Pour blended mix into strainer over bowl large enough to hold your creation.

Gently tap strainer on bowl to let the juice fall through while keeping pulp in the strainer.

(I double strained mine doing it in one bowl first, cleaning out the strainer and doing the same technique in a new bowl.)

Add 3 drops of the Lavender essential oil if you want and stir into the mixture.

I find sectioning the hair works better so if you have done this take down section by section and spray on a little water (or if you forgot your spray bottle, like I did, just use some water from the sink in the palm of your hand to apply a little water to your hair—do Not soak hair with water.)

DIY ConditionerApply product to hair from roots to ends.

Twist hair into two sections and cover with a plastic cap, or just shove your hair under there if need be. Leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse product out.

Now I know some people do these types of deep conditioners without doing anything more than rinsing them out, and I get that as all the vitamins are in the product you took the time to make so why wash them out? But if you’re like me and have a strange, “there’s food in my hair,” type feeling 😉 then co-washing with a gentle conditioner is fine too. Do Not shampoo this out unless you are planning to do another type of deep conditioner after.

If you try this let me know if it did anything for your hair and if you liked it.

Stay Beautiful.


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