Working Out Stereotypes

I never heard this before starting to spend a little more time online in my search for hair and beauty information, but apparently there is this strange idea that Black women do not workout. From some of the Black women I have seen the crazy antic that it only applies to those with relaxers because they are scared to mess up their hair.

I cannot speak for every woman but I can speak for me. While I am mixed my hair is more of a mixed toward ethnic black than not. I can also speak regarding the friends that I had and I can say that we had no problem working out.

Personally, I have always loved to workout. Relaxed and natural hair never stopped me from working out. And despite what some of those women think I found it easier to do my hair post workout with a relaxer than I do with my hair natural now.

  • My idea of a wash and go is a true wash and go. I wash my hair and spray it with oil or rub a moisturizer on it and I go. That is a wash and go to me. Now with natural hair I cannot, and do not do that.
  • I washed my hair a lot more with a relaxer and my hair seemed to grow fast and long. Working out every day with a shower after every day sometimes led to shampooing at least every couple days depending on my hair needs and the mood I was in. Sometimes I would just wash because I wanted to.
  • I have loved working out since childhood—even when I didn’t realize I was working out. Hair has never stopped me from doing it.

If you want to workout and be healthy then you will do it. If you want it you find a way and if you don’t you will find an excuse.

Stay Healthy.

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