Leather, Suede and Chains

The thing I love about sewing is that I get exactly what I want even if I didn’t know I wanted it ;). I, like my mother, have a tendency to design my own stuff now. I love when a dress fits every curve naturally. I used to have a love of making formal dresses. I had so many of them it was crazy because I didn’t have anywhere to wear them. They have never been worn and now I’m selling them all.

After formals I started making dresses I could wear every day. I like making dresses because I like wearing dresses. I am not a fan of making pants (which would be why I haven’t finished my pants yet) and I am not a huge fan of skirts. My mother, on the other hand, loves making skirts. She says it takes me longer to finish projects because I complicate things and she’s right. But sometimes my artistic skills can help her too.

She’s great on her own, but I think sometimes she likes to complicate things too. And if you want something made complicated I’m the woman. LOL, I know that’s not always a good thing, but hey…when you have a talent own it :).

This skirt is my mom’s doing. She did get a little feedback from me, but the end result is all about her.

Leather Suede and Chains Skirt

Stole and Skirt

I love this skirt and the stole that goes with it. The stole is reversible and has white faux leather on the reverse side. That’s all my mom’s idea there. She is so good at making things reversible.

That skirt makes me wish I had made one…but every time I think I will make a skirt I make a dress instead. I’m planning to work on my other dress design as soon as I have everything I need. The last two times I tried to make this design come to life I created two different dress designs. Third time just might be the charm but I guess that’s a story for another time.


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