Hair Warriors

I can’t say I’m the best at detangling hair. In fact, I cannot master the finger detangle and I also notice that my hair is better to detangle when it is at least 75% dry. One time I had something to do so I let it dry a little, but not even close to 10% if I had to guess. But boy, talk about detangling madness.

First my clip got tangled in my hair. I’m not talking the little move this string here and that one there type of tangle. I’m talking calling on the powers of Mom to get it out. She managed but it was really tangled.

She noticed all the stuff I was doing wrong and told me to come sit down and she would get the section I had braided wrong fixed. So I went, and it turned into her doing my entire head. Thanks Mom…major huge thanks.

She detangles so perfectly, and she does it with a comb. I remember years ago, when my mom was the woman doing my hair, my hair was always healthy, thick, beautiful and expertly styled. I think some mothers are like hair warriors for their children. They take care of their hair so lovingly that it’s easy for the child not to realize all the work that’s going into keeping their hair healthy and beautiful.

I have transitioned back to natural once again but without the big chop. I am letting the relaxed ends fall out on their own. I can see the advantage of doing it with the big chop. My hair actually doesn’t tangle until it gets down to what’s left of the relaxed section. I like my length so since I transitioned naturally without a big chop the last time I have decided to stick with it this time too.

Things I Learned

  1. Some mothers rock like hair warriors.
  2. The Big Chop method could be your friend.
  3. Always remember to follow your own mind. (Especially not let your brother’s friend’s wife convince you that your hair would have been longer if you kept the relaxer. In reality, she was just lazy and didn’t like straightening the hair the one visit a month that I went to her.
  4. Decide what is best for your own hair. If you want to stay relaxed then do it. But if you want to go back natural stick with it. Don’t do it for eight weeks and then chicken out. Stick with it because you’ll never get there if you keep starting over.

Share your hair journey below, relaxed or natural doesn’t matter. If you have styles you like or videos that help you with managing your hair share in the comments.

Stay Beautiful.


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