Working It Out in July

I have always loved to workout, even when I didn’t know I was working out. It’s great that one can maintain their health with many different types of workouts. So even if you’re not a join a gym type person (which I’m not) there are still ways to get in a good workout.

runner-546896_1280 (2)~ Cardio ~

Walking briskly (not a casual stroll) outdoors is good for fitness too. With the right music, or an inviting scene ahead of you, you might be surprised how quickly one mile turns into two and then three or even more.

Be sure to stay hydrated. It’s summer somewhere so heat can be a factor in sweating and dehydrating faster. Keep water with you so you can rejuvenate your body with it.

Even if it’s not hot and humid where you are it is still good to make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day and even replenishing your hydration level during your workout.

Relaxing Yoga pose royalty free graphic

~ Strengthening ~

Yoga and Pilates are great workouts for lengthening and strengthening. I prefer doing yoga so I tend to do it more, but I have done Pilates too and that can be one major workout.

You can find videos in the store, like in Wal*Mart (some of them anyway) or you can save some money and just look on YouTube. There are some men and women who share their exercises via video on there and it’s free to use (outside of needing the Internet that is).

Be sure to know your body so that you know what moves might not be best for any injuries or problems you may have with your body.

Stay Healthy


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