Hair Journey Exit Here

I made some changes to my last mention of my hair journey. I have taken the twice a week wash out. I have also taken the co-wash only at least two weeks a month out and here’s why.

Co-Wash Only

The original plan was co-wash only every other week with a full shampoo wash on the in between week. My plan was first and third week of the month for full shampoo and second and fourth for co-wash only. Of course all weeks get a deep conditioner but that is another story.

When I started thinking about my hair when my mom did it, before my aunt got her hands in my hair and before I started salon visits more often my hair was doing great. My mom really took care of my hair. In the winter, because it wasn’t hot, I could go two weeks in between washes and in the summer it was once a week. My hair grew thick, healthy and long just fine using shampoo and conditioner.

I understand sulfate free information and I do have a shampoo that is sulfate free but I find that I like one of my other shampoos more. It does not have a “sulfate free” sticker on it and I don’t feel like going to read the ingredients again to remind myself if it is or not. What I do like to do, and have only tried it once so far, is to mix a little conditioner with the shampoo while washing. I still deep condition after washing.

Twice a Week

Once a week washes were fine when I did it before so the change to twice a week was not needed for my hair. I will only add an additional wash each week if I need one…working in the yard usually dictates I’m going to need a wash afterward but if I adjust my schedule right I may be able to swing a once a week wash.

My hair is doing much better with once a week washes. Today’s wash yielded zero shed strands in the shower. A while back every shower I had to push shed hair away from the drain holes but I didn’t find any this time. I’m happy about that. I noticed less being shed the last couple times I washed and now there wasn’t any so I guess my showerhead was not trying to murder my hair after all :).

Hair care is more than just a shampoo but I’ll get to that some other time.

Do you have any hair health wash routines that you find work better for you than other routines? Let me know in the comment section.


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