Mental Health Helps Body Health

Stress is a killer. The more we stress ourselves out the more likely we are to have blood pressure issues, ulcers, migraines, excessive weight gain, depression and more. It’s not easy to completely get away from stress. I wish it were, but it’s not. From somebody who does worry a lot and stress a lot I can understand if you find yourself stressing what people call “the small stuff” because it’s not small to you.

All of that being said, you have to take care of yourself, love yourself, and learn to take a break. Nobody can keep you healthy but you so don’t sell yourself short.

Taking a break is something I will be talking about over the next few Tuesday Health posts so there will be much information about ways to get in touch with your inner sanctuary of peace.

First Stop

Travel the world! Yeah, literally take a vacation. When is the last time you had a real vacation—as in not one you dreamed about and then awakened to reality? For me, I cannot remember. I really cannot remember when was the last time I just packed a bag and hit the road, or flew away somewhere. It’s been years.

Vacations On American Soil

If you haven’t been already here are a few places you can research and see if you want to add them to your list.

Alaska — Hello mountains, nature, water and a rustically wild life vantage view plus you can stay in the city too. There are a lot of cities that I have heard raved about. Anchorage—I have family there—and Juno were two of the places people have advised me to see. Juno sounds nice. I hear there aren’t any chain restaurants or chain stores there and that is definitely worth a visit.

Hawaii – I have been there and loved it while I was there. Mountains and sand with great weather, great food, and when I was there really nice people working jobs they seemed to enjoy doing makde for a pleasantly relaxing vacation. We did an island hop with a few days on each of four of the islands but there are many ways you can see Hawaii. Cruise or fly is fine but if you fly you can island hop on your own time instead of having to make sure you’re back on the ship before it leaves for the next stop.

Arizona – In the High Country or in the Valley is great depending on what you want to see most. There is a very rustically beautiful western feel to the state. The great thing about it is if you want cooler temperatures in the summer you can go high and visit Sedona and even keep on going to Flagstaff. Or you could do both—book a room in the Valley for a few days, rent a car and drive to the High Country and stay there for a few days before returning back to the Valley and finishing off your stay with a couple more days of exploration and then getting on the plane, or in your car if you drove, to head home.

Vacation Across the Pond

Large as that pond may be getting into the air and jet setting off to places like London, Paris and Rome could be fun, invigorating and educating at the same time.

~ Italy ~

Rome – No shock there. Hello, the art and the historic architecture can’t be found here in America and unless you’re in Rome you’re not going to find the exact same beautiful sites where you are either.

Capri – No I didn’t just pick that because it’s my name too. I picked it because I kept seeing pictures of the place and it made me think it would be great to go vacation there one day.

The places I have seen information about being in Capri have been on the blog Fitness on Toast – this is not just a travel only blog but includes more fitness and health related postings — and on Travel Noire. Both of the postings I saw showcasing the majestic beauty of Capri definitely has added it to my places to go in Italy list—provided I ever get a real vacation abroad anytime soon.

Wherever you decide to go, stay safe, have fun, de-stress and take a lot of pictures to take back home with you.

Next Tuesday I will talk about a different kind of vacationing so be sure to come back.

Stay Healthy


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