Makeup and Beauty

My mom asked me why I keep buying makeup when I don’t wear it–she’s right, I don’t wear it often so I don’t know why I buy it. But of course there I was in the store and I saw this pretty eyeshadow and a lip pencil that I didn’t pass up.

Shadow and Lips

I don’t know when I’ll wear this because I am probably not going to wear makeup until I go home to see my dad. I really think the foundations are breaking me out. Who really wants to wear makeup if they’re just going to end up having to wear more to cover up scars? I notice every time I wear foundation I end up with a pimple. If I don’t wear it my skin stays clear until hormones go to war with each other. I think makeup and I were not meant to be friends.

I tried mineral makeup a long time ago and I cannot really remember what happened the reason I stopped so I might try it again one day–but not now.

  • Lip Pencil ~ L.A. Colors Chunky Lip Pencil — Daring Red
  • Shadow ~ Wet n Wild — Sugar

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