Alternative to the Exotic Destination

I know, we’re not all rich and don’t all have money to vacation in a few of the places I mentioned in last Tuesday’s Health post so let’s talk a simpler, more affordable vacation for those of us who are economically challenged—a Staycation. I kid you not, if you haven’t thought about it keep reading and take out a pen and a notepad to jot down some ideas on how you, too, can figure out how to get a much needed break from your real world.


diamondsKnow your city or at least look up some of the tourist destinations and some of the other unique to your city places. Look at gardens, museums, restaurants and things that resonate with your likes while looking at a few things you have never tried but might have the fire inside you to take a leap and try it. Horseback riding could be a fun addition to the list too as well as a gem digging adventure. If you’re looking for a fun but free experience look at parks, museums or other areas that may have free admission.

Once you have your to-see list in hand pick a day, a few days or an entire week to remove yourself from the usual hectic to-do list duties in order to reconnect with your inner sanctuary of peace.


Turn the phone off. Unless you are expecting some catastrophic disaster turn the cell phone off. I would say leave it at home but you might need it if something happens to your car or something.

Seriously, what good is it to staycation if you’re going to answer the phone and try to fix everybody else’s problems while you’re trying to take a break? Take a break and don’t feel guilty about doing it.


Leave the computer, the tablet or any electronic devices that might tempt you back into work mode at home. This is your staycation! Would you take all of this stuff to Rome and answer phone calls to fix problems at work on your usual vacation time? Probably not, so treat your staycation like a distant exotic vacation.


If you have kids take them with you. When you’re picking out your staycation activities try to pick various things that everybody in your travel group can enjoy while still trying things that can educate, entertain and invigorate all of you. Doing something different is a great way for kids to learn about the world right there in their backyard.


Don’t forget your camera. Taking pictures, even in your hometown, can show you a different look at the beauty of your city. Since you never know when a picture worthy moment will happen it’s good to keep the camera with you. If it’s attached to your cell phone try buying a disposable camera so you can still leave the phone off while you staycation.


Leave the watch at home unless you are trying to make a dinner or show at a certain time it’s best not to keep checking the clock for the time. You’re relaxing and enjoying yourself so there really isn’t a need to keep watching the time and slowing your relaxation fun vibe down.


So you’re not an outdoors type person huh? Check your city listings to see what classes you could be interested in trying that are available. Painting, photography, pottery—all of these things can be done inside. Best of all, if you have children then getting instruction on how to take better pictures is a cinch because your children can become your models and you can become theirs.


So you’re in a town that city-life forgot huh? Yeah, I know the feeling. If you can’t find anything directly in your town to do then check on events happening in the nearest surrounding cities, or parks, museums or anything that might interest you. It’s not exactly your backyard but it can still be an affordable drive and you can truly explore the area like a real tourist even if just for one day.


Wear your walking shoes. It’s a bad idea to wear uncomfortable shoes. Those type of shoes always seem to make their discomfort known while you’re having fun and wanting to tour some section three blocks away that has the world’s most amazing looking…well, who knows, you’re the one planning this thing, but comfortable shoes are a must. For some people those are high heels and for others those could be flats or sneakers.


Remember to take something for sun protection. Even if you’re planning to be inside for most of your staycation making your first museum worthy pottery art you still have to drive there, and you may want to explore the city a little when you’re done so remember to take (and wear) sun block/sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a sweater if you need one for the colder air—if you’re staycationing in the winter then you’re probably already wearing the clothes that will keep you warm if you need them.

Now that we have ten things to keep in mind while staycationing don’t forget to think outside the box. Just because you can’t afford some distant exotic land doesn’t mean you can’t have one of the best experiences of your entire life.

Stay Healthy

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