Inversion Method

I heard about the Inversion Method last year but hadn’t done it. I had other hair stuff I was doing and my hair grows pretty fast and thick on its own. The method sounded interesting but I just wasn’t trying to be all over the board with new hair techniques at the same time.

When I saw this video it reminded me about the method and I decided, “why not” as in sure, what the heck, I have like five months and some change left on the challenge that I decided to do so what’s one more thing added at this point going to hurt?

I know some people moan about this method and say it’s unhealthy but I think it depends on the person. If there are medical issues that you have then you need to be sure it’s okay for you before trying it.

It didn’t hurt me. I do yoga every day so I’m used to downward dog and this method kind of reminds me of a twisted version of that meets hamstring stretch. I didn’t have any dizzy spell standing back upright, probably because I do downward dog every day but also because I know how to rise without rising so swiftly that I feel like I’m going to fall over.

So today was my first morning doing this method and here is what I did right and wrong.

                    Morning #1

~ Right ~

  • I put my oils (DIY) in a color applicator bottle yesterday so that it would be ready this morning. I picked this type bottle because of its pointy tip. I believed that tip would make application to the scalp easier–it did.
  • I do not have a working timer anymore so I played a song that is a little over four minutes and started at the beginning of the song and worked to the end to meet the four minute timeline.

~ Right Meets Wrong ~

  • I had a glass candy bowl that I bought from the Dollar Tree to use for when I mix up hot oil treatments so this time I just added hot tap water so I could sit my applicator bottle inside of it to heat the oils.
  • I should have heated the water in a tea kettle or something because it wasn’t really warm in my opinion. Then again, I have a lot of hair so I may have gotten more oil on my hair than on my scalp 😉 but tomorrow I will try to warm the oil up better.

Overall, for the first morning if I did nothing else with this method I surely did get a great hamstring stretch.


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