Inner Sanctuary

So much of life’s happiness has to start from within. We cannot change what other people think, feel or do; we can only try to set our own life and heart on the right path.

I am always playing around with YouTube now looking at hair and makeup videos, listening to music and stumbling across other things. One video that led me to this young lady was about hair and I decided to see what else she had and I found something about life.

Something that stood out to me is when she said something about the purpose in life is giving your gift away. If I analyze this, which I did, I would say that I understand it from the perspective of not holding on so tightly to your gift that you don’t share it, and that you don’t embrace it fully. Of course you have to know what your gift is and truly believe in it before you can give it away. My take on the “giving” away part would be just to share, but never to share so much that you forget why you started sharing in the first place. That means never forget who you are; never abandon who you are just to please somebody else.

I also can agree with her immersion in her dreams as opposed to spreading herself thin doing a little bit of everything. This is my problem I think. There is so much I love to do, but truly only some things that I am truly good at and enjoy. I think the moral of the story is finding the true passion and throwing everything you have into it in order to reach the goal and surpass it.

So are you happy with your life and the path you’re on? If not, then what would make you happy? What is missing that is holding you back? When you find that corner of your inner sanctuary and you listen to it (provided it’s legal) then throw all that you can into it and don’t turn back.

Stay Healthy


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