I have been really good because I have been walking down or past many makeup aisles on my way to other things in that area and I hadn’t bought anything. Yes, hadn’t as in past tense but this purchase was a Dollar Tree purchase so I do not feel horrible about that.

This lipstick was freshly there, or at least freshly to me since I hadn’t gone down the makeup aisle in that store in a long time. The color is called Ginger Spice. I wasn’t sure if I would want it. It is not a color I would normally wear but doing something different is sometimes a good thing.

Ginger Spice

I showed the package to my mother and asked what she thought of it because it is so not me. She said she thought it would be dark, but it would be pretty. On her vote of “pretty” I put it in the handcart and went on with my reason for being in that store in the first place.

So now I have Ginger Spice and no clue what I am going to wear it for but I shall see. While I have colors that I like and some that I wear more often than others I am not sure I have found that lipstick yet that I just love. My mother has one that she will pick up and wear over any of the others that she have almost every day. I don’t really have one of those lip-fabulous sticks yet. I have gotten into blending my lipsticks and creating a color of my own lately so maybe this Ginger Spice will blend into something great one day.

Stay Beautiful


Fashion and Mental Health

One would probably not think fashion and mental health are related but I think they are. I have a love-hate relationship with sewing. I very much like to make my own designs. In order to create the wearable version of the image in my mind I do have to go fabric shopping. I think I never realized how annoying it is when I buy fabric only to have the person cutting the yardage ask me if I’m making a wedding dress. — Huh? Seriously?

I know this probably shouldn’t annoy me but after a while it gets old. Not every woman wants to get married and even if they do not every woman wants to wear white. Even if they do want to wear white not every woman buying white fabric is making a wedding dress.

In comes the mental health part of this post. When things get under your skin sometimes you don’t notice right away. Sometimes it’s the build up of question after question that eventually makes a person snap. Like I never realized how much it annoys me to constantly be asked marriage related questions. I never realized it because I never thought about it, but I guess with the onset of stressful school situations the little things add up.

I found myself asking why this question is really starting to get on my nerves. Other than the fact that I hate for people to pry into my personal business especially when they don’t even know me, the only thing I could decide was that I don’t know. I seriously don’t know why as I get older I have less tolerance for meddling. I could say it’s because I’m stressed about school, life, finances and the move I wish I could make right now, but I don’t know if any of those things are really it or just contributing to my low levels of tolerance.

I have only relatively snapped once when I told a woman who asked a far too personal question that it was none of her business. Usually I just say that I don’t discuss that with people, but the “none of your business,” slipped out. This I know happened because she was talking to the person with me about me as if I wasn’t even there before she decided to ask me her next question.

So how do you deal with those moments where somebody kind of pushes your buttons when you’re not in a great spot in your life and button pushing makes you near volcanic? Do you have any thoughts that help keep you calm, or do you silently roll your eyes and hope karma comes on swift wings to the person who is getting on your nerves?

Vegetable Basket

Healthy Eating and Mental Health

There are a number of factors in life that can influence mental health but is a person’s dietary nutrition a factor in their mental health wellness? Some researches say yes. has an article on Diet and Mental Health that mentions that many times the link between diet and mental health are overlooked but researchers are finding a correlation with some mental health illnesses.

picture of lettuceWhat you decide to eat will greatly depend on allergies and your own diet and medical problems. If you are a strict vegetarian then some suggestions may be out the window, but being a vegetarian you probably already know what foods you can use to get the same benefits.

Things I found of note in their article were the suggestions to have a wide variety of foods in the diet, to be sure to have protein included in every meal and also to avoid/limit refined foods. Eating high sugar content meals, as they mention in their article, is how sugary foods are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and that it “may cause an initial ‘high’ or surge of energy that soon wears off as the body increases its insulin production, leaving you feeling tired and low.” (

Relaxing Yoga pose royalty free graphic

Another recommendations is maintaining a healthy weight. In their section on healthy weight they mention the effects of food on weight loss and weight gain that sometimes are linked to depression. Working out can actually help provide a stress reliever and natural positive contribution to mental and body health.

You can read their entire article here and for more research based information on how healthy eating can contribute to mental health the article has more information. Also, if you scroll along the side and explore the site you will find information on tips for healthy meals along with ideas to help mix it up and keep meals deliciously inviting.

As always, research is at your fingertips so go explore, check sources and see how you can live a healthy and happier life.

Stay Healthy

Food and Health

I do apologize for missing so many days of blogging but I have been sick. I’m still sick. Blogging just wasn’t possible because I had to focus on trying to make sure I got all the last work for the last week of school in on time while trying to battle this bug.

Eating Healthy While Sick

When sick the appetite is like the first thing to go…or maybe it’s the taste buds. Why get hungry when it all taste like nothing at all?

Even when sick it is important to eat. Everybody says you have to feed a cold. I think that’s the way of saying feeding your body with healthy foods that can help your system continue to try to fight off the virus is needed. I figure if my white blood cells are going on the attack to try to protect me the least I can do is thank them with nutrients.

Call it Lunch, Call it Dinner

Here was one of the few meals I could actually get out of bed to make the way I like to make it.

salad-for-webI love salads. I don’t use dressing, but that’s just a me choice…well, my mom doesn’t use it either, but it’s just saying if you like salads with dressing then go for it.

This salad has roasted red bell peppers, sliced raw carrots, radishes,spinach, a Spring Lettuce salad mix, green onions and a little bit of yellow onion too.

Other foods were homemade vegetable soup, mom’s freshly cooked turnip greens and a little bread to go with them.

Call it Breakfast

I went for fruit for breakfast most days.


I love fruit too :).

Enjoy the weekend you all. I will try to get back on track with blogging here and over on the other blog soon.

Stay Healthy.

Workout Fashion

This week has been about health and fitness so today I am, carrying that theme over into the Fashion post on my blog.

Working out in comfort is a good thing. Shoes that hurt your feet are a bad thing so be sure you have the right shoes for your exercise routine.

runner-546896_1280 (2)Is money an issue? No worries, you can find sneakers at Wal-Mart for like $10 and up…maybe even lower depending on where you are. Those shoes can be good, or okay, or bad so be sure to try them on before buying. They also stock Dr. Scholl’s sneakers and shoes and I hear those are very comfortable for working out. I am not sure I felt a major difference when I tried them, but maybe.

Beyond foot-wear be sure to have the proper outer attire and under garments.

Do wear a sports bra that will help keep you from bouncing up and down during your workout. Bouncing is so not comfortable. Also decide if you want sweat pants, tights, shorts, etc. Depending on the seasonal changes where you are all of these might come in handy to have.

And if you don’t have the money to shop-it-out and find the perfect ensemble then search your closet and see what you can use. I sometimes, especially in the winter, wear a pair of jeans with tights underneath and the right sneakers for an outdoor walk.

If you’re doing the yoga routines then I would recommend tights because they are less intrusive on the moves and can be very comfortable on the body. If you’re doing it at home wearing just the sports bra might work for you but if not a tank top or t-shirt is good as well.

When it comes to fitness attire, just like the outer clothing for work, parties and everyday life, comfort and style are dependent on you. Pick what works for you and don’t worry about what everybody else is wearing.

Stay Healthy with Style

Protecting My Curves

I don’t want to lose my curves. / I’m not trying to be skinny.

I’m well aware that skinny is relative, but I will also say that working out isn’t going to magically shrink your curves. Working out can help you tone your curves that you have, but genetics and bone structure will help you keep the curves you love at the same time. Will they tone up and possibly look less wobbly? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to look deathly thin.

Working out is not about being skinny unless you make it about trying to be skinny. Working out helps people stay physically healthy by strengthening muscles. Cardio exercise routines can help keep your heart healthy. And working out can also help strengthen your immune system. Beyond that, working out can be a great stress reliever and for some people, depending on what workouts you do before bed, it can help improve your sleep too.

So don’t let the excuse of not wanting to lose curves or be skinny stop you from protecting your health. If you don’t want to go it alone involve friends who are looking to take care of their health. A group of friends being physically active together can be very inspirational.

Stay Healthy

Vegetable Basket

Finances are Not in My Favor

I can’t afford a gym membership is another excuse I hear for why people refuse to workout. Guess what; you don’t have to go to a gym to do physical exercises to help strengthen, tone, and improve the health of your body.

Wal-Mart is a place where I have seen workout videos on the shelves for usually about $9.99, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. If you’re boycotting Wal-Mart there is always Target. And if you’re completely finance impaired (because that is so happening to a lot of people right now) you can always find videos on YouTube from fitness enthusiasts and experts who take you through full workouts, toning exercises and more.

Some of the YouTube videos I watch include:

Tara Stiles  – Yoga

Tone It Up – Toning and cardio sometimes but mostly toning that makes you feel like you’ve done a lot of cardio ;).

Scola Dondo – Dance, Toning, Healthy Eating. (I like her videos and the fact that she shows the hard work she put into getting to her healthy weight and how it inspired her into her new career path as well.)

There are so many videos on there so please look around and if you find something you like please share in the comments because you just might be able to help somebody else find something healthy they like too.

Sites Worth Visiting:

Choose My

Both of the above sites have helpful tips on ways to make sure you get physical activity in—with such diversity you just might find something you love to do there.

Stay Healthy

Excuses, Excuses

Yesterday the focus was on the first excuse in the reasons some people say they don’t workout. Today I’m tackling the second excuse on the list—It takes too much time. / I’m too busy.

The CDC recommends 2 hours 30 minutes a week for moderate intensity aerobics and 2 or more days a week to muscle strengthening activities. That’s really not too much time, but I suppose “too much” is relative. I think it’s not enough time, but I do love to workout.

How can you battle the time excuse?

Royalty free from

Royalty free from

Try to workout while watching your favorite show, or the news, or whatever pulls you to the television. I don’t watch TV so I cannot assume that everybody does, but if you do, and your favorite show is an hour, or even a half hour, then working out during the show can rectify the time thing. You’re just sitting there watching TV so you have the hour to kill anyway.

Things you can do to workout while watching television include jogging in place, doing squats, pushups, situps, planks, stretches, knee lifts, etc. If you have dumbbells at home you can use the time to lift some weights and work on toning and firming the arm muscles.

If you don’t have weights at home you can use bottled water, canned foods, and other objects around the house as a weight. Or you can use your own body for weight-bearing exercises too.

Royalty free from

Royalty free from

Also, going for a walk on your lunch break after or before eating lunch can be a good way to get a little physical activity in. Taking the stairs (where it is safe) instead of the elevator is another option.

There are things you can do to stay fit and healthy if you truly want it then you’ll find a way. If you don’t want it then you’ll find an excuse.

Next time I will focus on the next excuse often given for avoiding working out.

Stay Healthy

Fitness for the Sake of Fitness

I know the last several health posts for Tuesday have been more about mental health. Relaxing, finding a way not to stress about everything, staying mentally healthy and maintaining inner peace.

Yes, I stress about pretty much everything so these posts were as much about helping me as they were about providing tips and ideas for others who might be looking for a way to stay mentally healthy.

Well, today I’m going to talk about working out and physical fitness. Ironically, staying physically healthy can actually make you feel mentally and emotionally better too.

Between both of my blogs I have spent a lot of time talking healthy eating and working out so I’m not sure if I have spent a great deal of time on this blog talking about physical fitness. Some of what I say today might seem familiar but a refresher is a good thing.

The biggest complaints I hear from people when it comes to working out are:

  • I don’t like to workout.
  • It takes too much time. / I’m too busy.
  • I can’t afford a gym membership.
  • I don’t want to lose my curves. / I’m not trying to be skinny.

Now that we have that listed let’s spend a little time this month addressing these excuses.

I don’t like to workout.

Okay, why? What is it about working out that gets under your skin and makes you neglect your health to avoid it?

I try to tell people that working out does not always just mean picking up weights, or doing boxing or running. There are many ways to get in healthy physical activity. So here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Rollerblading / skating.
  2. Bike riding (if you’re into that).
  3. Gardening and yard work. Trust me, the right kind of yard work might make you feel like you worked out for months upon months. And the great thing is that the physical activity is both healthy and not ever so boring. Just watch out for the bugs and snakes ;).
  4. Brisk walking. I actually like this one but like most people things go wrong with age so walking isn’t always an option for me. Know your body and be kind to it. Do not push yourself to do things you know are physically harming for you.
  5. Dancing. (Any type–not just classical ballroom dancing.)
  6. House work. Well, it has to be done so at least you know that you’ll be burning calories while you do it.
  7. Yoga. Yoga can be low impact or intensive. Either which way you take it you can still burn calories and tone and lengthen muscles at the same time.

There are many things you can do so research and see how the things you love to do might be able to be used to improve your physical fitness.

Please do remember that eating healthy / healthier is a big part of weight maintenance and health maintenance.

Next time we will tackle the next excuse on the list. Be sure to come back throughout the week for all of the postings.

Let’s Talk Makeup

I mentioned on my other blog Makeup Tuesday that I bought the Missy Lynn makeup palette and it came with that nice set of brushes with the total package being 57% off when I purchased it. Usually I stick with drugstore makeup now days because I don’t wear it enough to go crazy buying it and the drugstore brand works well for me.


Well, I finally tried out the Missy Lynn makeup and the brushes she picked to go with it and I have to say I like some and others I’ll have to get used to. I didn’t use all of the brushes just to be fair on this. I am very used to my brushes and I found myself going in my makeup case for some of the ones I use often.


makeup brushesBrushes from the Missy Lynn combo that I used were brush #1 (not sure what it’s called beyond the number but it might be on their site). I used #1 for the powder part of my routine and I have to say the brush is so soft it’s comforting and doesn’t scratch my face.

I used brush #8 but I only used it to put the lighter shade on my brow bone and crease. It’s not one of my favorite brushes but it’s okay. With more time using it I might like it a lot but I went back to my other brushes (drugstore brushes) that I like using.

The fan brush in the picture is from Elf and it is soft. I used my own Elf spooly for my brows and my other angled brush to line my waterline with the highlighter from the Missy Lynn makeup.


makeup-web-useI used both of the purples you see in the case. The lighter purple I used in my mid-eyelid area and I used the darker one on the outer corners and a little on the inner lid corner before using the rose-gold like highlighter for the corner section of my eyes.

Overall, I like this palette and will definitely use it again and try out some different looks with it in the future.

Stay Beautiful