Healthy…Not Healthy

I do like being healthy as much as possible. A homemade cookie is not beneath me, and that delicious PayDay is sometimes in my hand. I don’t eat candy a lot but when I hit my sweet tooth craving while I am in a store sometimes, depending on if I’m walking alone or walking with somebody else who is craving the same, I will buy. Oh well…one cannot be 100% healthy 100% of the time I guess.

But day before yesterday was an unhealthy day for me. When I get busy I forget to eat. I’m not hungry so I just keep on working and it wasn’t until bedtime that my mother says to me, “you didn’t cook today.” Well no, I hadn’t, but I promised myself I wouldn’t make that mistake the next day. I almost forgot. Busy with everything else I wasn’t thinking about eating because I wasn’t hungry. My crazy mother was in there starving and never once did she cook a meal or even ask me to cook. She’s not much of a cook anymore which is too bad for her because when I am super busy I forget the basic needs of life–eating.

I know skipping meals is not healthy and I do not do that intentionally but sometimes I forget.

If you’re the type to get busy and forget that thing called food then perhaps setting a timer to go off to remind you to take a break might help. Of course if you’re the type to just hit the off button on the timer and vow to finish your task then it might not :).

Stay Healthy


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