Something Bigger

Sometimes there comes a point in a woman’s life when she realizes she needs something bigger. The smaller one just isn’t enough anymore and so she moves on, searching for something bigger only to find that bigger is still not big enough.

For a woman who doesn’t wear makeup a lot I have serious issues with buying makeup. I’m good sometimes and won’t buy what I don’t need, but other times I think, ‘oh that’s not that expensive and it’s so pretty;’ I need to work on that and stop doing it.

My makeup bag has been packed full. It’s so stuffed that it’s really not good to try to get something else inside of it, and for the most part I haven’t gotten anything else inside of it.

A look at my first makeup bag.

I put lipstick in the cabinet along with gloss and foundation and powder because this bag was beyond full. So while I was out at Wal-Mart looking for something else I like to use lately (an exfoliating sponge for my face) I saw this container.

The second makeup container.

It’s not big enough to hold two bags worth of stuff, but it’s cute, it gets some of the excess makeup that has been occupying my master chest in the bedroom out of it so I can put other stuff inside, and it has room left for any additional “oh it’s pretty” purchases; I’m working on cutting that out.

I think I should make a point of wearing makeup at least two days out of the month even if I’m just going out grocery shopping that day. Yes, “the month” because there are some months where I don’t bother to put makeup on at all.

Both makeup cases together.At any rate, these are my two makeup containers and I’m almost sure I have all of the makeup inside of them both. There is only one container of brushes that will not be put in either case because the case the brushes came in is cute I don’t need to move them. But I’ll talk about that Tuesday on my other blog.

Stay Beautiful.


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