Fashionably Sensible

I know this doesn’t apply to fashion by way of clothes and style, but this is far more important than that. Fashionably Sensible is about using the sense you have not to make life threatening mistakes. Yes, mistakes happen, but if you are going to turn on the oven and put food inside of it do not go lie in bed and fall asleep with the oven on. It was set at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Common sense should tell you not to do that.

What inspired this reminder warning?

I’m in my room working on work stuff, getting my next book Strike Force–Lone Survivor uploaded to Amazon and Barnes and Noble for e-book and finalized on Lulu for print. I start to smell something and I wonder what is that? I step out of my bedroom (where I do all of my work instead of my office that has become the storage room of sorts for all other stuff not related to what I sanctioned the room for in the first place) and the smell intensifies.

“Mother! Did you put something in the oven?”

My mother comes out just waking up and realizes that she put peanuts in the oven to roast. Well, they are definitely roasted–smoking actually. I took them out the oven and told her very sternly not to turn the oven on and put food in there and then go fall asleep.

Yes, I was angry. Had I not been home something a lot worse than a now smelly house could have happened.

firefighter-752540_1280 (2)

Royalty free photo from

The moral of the story–be fashionably sensible and don’t put food in the oven or on the stove and then go to sleep. If you’re sleepy don’t start cooking.


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