Let’s Talk Makeup

I mentioned on my other blog Makeup Tuesday that I bought the Missy Lynn makeup palette and it came with that nice set of brushes with the total package being 57% off when I purchased it. Usually I stick with drugstore makeup now days because I don’t wear it enough to go crazy buying it and the drugstore brand works well for me.


Well, I finally tried out the Missy Lynn makeup and the brushes she picked to go with it and I have to say I like some and others I’ll have to get used to. I didn’t use all of the brushes just to be fair on this. I am very used to my brushes and I found myself going in my makeup case for some of the ones I use often.


makeup brushesBrushes from the Missy Lynn combo that I used were brush #1 (not sure what it’s called beyond the number but it might be on their site). I used #1 for the powder part of my routine and I have to say the brush is so soft it’s comforting and doesn’t scratch my face.

I used brush #8 but I only used it to put the lighter shade on my brow bone and crease. It’s not one of my favorite brushes but it’s okay. With more time using it I might like it a lot but I went back to my other brushes (drugstore brushes) that I like using.

The fan brush in the picture is from Elf and it is soft. I used my own Elf spooly for my brows and my other angled brush to line my waterline with the highlighter from the Missy Lynn makeup.


makeup-web-useI used both of the purples you see in the case. The lighter purple I used in my mid-eyelid area and I used the darker one on the outer corners and a little on the inner lid corner before using the rose-gold like highlighter for the corner section of my eyes.

Overall, I like this palette and will definitely use it again and try out some different looks with it in the future.

Stay Beautiful


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