Excuses, Excuses

Yesterday the focus was on the first excuse in the reasons some people say they don’t workout. Today I’m tackling the second excuse on the list—It takes too much time. / I’m too busy.

The CDC recommends 2 hours 30 minutes a week for moderate intensity aerobics and 2 or more days a week to muscle strengthening activities. That’s really not too much time, but I suppose “too much” is relative. I think it’s not enough time, but I do love to workout.

How can you battle the time excuse?

Royalty free from pixabay.com

Royalty free from pixabay.com

Try to workout while watching your favorite show, or the news, or whatever pulls you to the television. I don’t watch TV so I cannot assume that everybody does, but if you do, and your favorite show is an hour, or even a half hour, then working out during the show can rectify the time thing. You’re just sitting there watching TV so you have the hour to kill anyway.

Things you can do to workout while watching television include jogging in place, doing squats, pushups, situps, planks, stretches, knee lifts, etc. If you have dumbbells at home you can use the time to lift some weights and work on toning and firming the arm muscles.

If you don’t have weights at home you can use bottled water, canned foods, and other objects around the house as a weight. Or you can use your own body for weight-bearing exercises too.

Royalty free from pixabay.com

Royalty free from pixabay.com

Also, going for a walk on your lunch break after or before eating lunch can be a good way to get a little physical activity in. Taking the stairs (where it is safe) instead of the elevator is another option.

There are things you can do to stay fit and healthy if you truly want it then you’ll find a way. If you don’t want it then you’ll find an excuse.

Next time I will focus on the next excuse often given for avoiding working out.

Stay Healthy


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