Protecting My Curves

I don’t want to lose my curves. / I’m not trying to be skinny.

I’m well aware that skinny is relative, but I will also say that working out isn’t going to magically shrink your curves. Working out can help you tone your curves that you have, but genetics and bone structure will help you keep the curves you love at the same time. Will they tone up and possibly look less wobbly? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to look deathly thin.

Working out is not about being skinny unless you make it about trying to be skinny. Working out helps people stay physically healthy by strengthening muscles. Cardio exercise routines can help keep your heart healthy. And working out can also help strengthen your immune system. Beyond that, working out can be a great stress reliever and for some people, depending on what workouts you do before bed, it can help improve your sleep too.

So don’t let the excuse of not wanting to lose curves or be skinny stop you from protecting your health. If you don’t want to go it alone involve friends who are looking to take care of their health. A group of friends being physically active together can be very inspirational.

Stay Healthy


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