Workout Fashion

This week has been about health and fitness so today I am, carrying that theme over into the Fashion post on my blog.

Working out in comfort is a good thing. Shoes that hurt your feet are a bad thing so be sure you have the right shoes for your exercise routine.

runner-546896_1280 (2)Is money an issue? No worries, you can find sneakers at Wal-Mart for like $10 and up…maybe even lower depending on where you are. Those shoes can be good, or okay, or bad so be sure to try them on before buying. They also stock Dr. Scholl’s sneakers and shoes and I hear those are very comfortable for working out. I am not sure I felt a major difference when I tried them, but maybe.

Beyond foot-wear be sure to have the proper outer attire and under garments.

Do wear a sports bra that will help keep you from bouncing up and down during your workout. Bouncing is so not comfortable. Also decide if you want sweat pants, tights, shorts, etc. Depending on the seasonal changes where you are all of these might come in handy to have.

And if you don’t have the money to shop-it-out and find the perfect ensemble then search your closet and see what you can use. I sometimes, especially in the winter, wear a pair of jeans with tights underneath and the right sneakers for an outdoor walk.

If you’re doing the yoga routines then I would recommend tights because they are less intrusive on the moves and can be very comfortable on the body. If you’re doing it at home wearing just the sports bra might work for you but if not a tank top or t-shirt is good as well.

When it comes to fitness attire, just like the outer clothing for work, parties and everyday life, comfort and style are dependent on you. Pick what works for you and don’t worry about what everybody else is wearing.

Stay Healthy with Style


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