Food and Health

I do apologize for missing so many days of blogging but I have been sick. I’m still sick. Blogging just wasn’t possible because I had to focus on trying to make sure I got all the last work for the last week of school in on time while trying to battle this bug.

Eating Healthy While Sick

When sick the appetite is like the first thing to go…or maybe it’s the taste buds. Why get hungry when it all taste like nothing at all?

Even when sick it is important to eat. Everybody says you have to feed a cold. I think that’s the way of saying feeding your body with healthy foods that can help your system continue to try to fight off the virus is needed. I figure if my white blood cells are going on the attack to try to protect me the least I can do is thank them with nutrients.

Call it Lunch, Call it Dinner

Here was one of the few meals I could actually get out of bed to make the way I like to make it.

salad-for-webI love salads. I don’t use dressing, but that’s just a me choice…well, my mom doesn’t use it either, but it’s just saying if you like salads with dressing then go for it.

This salad has roasted red bell peppers, sliced raw carrots, radishes,spinach, a Spring Lettuce salad mix, green onions and a little bit of yellow onion too.

Other foods were homemade vegetable soup, mom’s freshly cooked turnip greens and a little bread to go with them.

Call it Breakfast

I went for fruit for breakfast most days.


I love fruit too :).

Enjoy the weekend you all. I will try to get back on track with blogging here and over on the other blog soon.

Stay Healthy.


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