Fashion and Mental Health

One would probably not think fashion and mental health are related but I think they are. I have a love-hate relationship with sewing. I very much like to make my own designs. In order to create the wearable version of the image in my mind I do have to go fabric shopping. I think I never realized how annoying it is when I buy fabric only to have the person cutting the yardage ask me if I’m making a wedding dress. — Huh? Seriously?

I know this probably shouldn’t annoy me but after a while it gets old. Not every woman wants to get married and even if they do not every woman wants to wear white. Even if they do want to wear white not every woman buying white fabric is making a wedding dress.

In comes the mental health part of this post. When things get under your skin sometimes you don’t notice right away. Sometimes it’s the build up of question after question that eventually makes a person snap. Like I never realized how much it annoys me to constantly be asked marriage related questions. I never realized it because I never thought about it, but I guess with the onset of stressful school situations the little things add up.

I found myself asking why this question is really starting to get on my nerves. Other than the fact that I hate for people to pry into my personal business especially when they don’t even know me, the only thing I could decide was that I don’t know. I seriously don’t know why as I get older I have less tolerance for meddling. I could say it’s because I’m stressed about school, life, finances and the move I wish I could make right now, but I don’t know if any of those things are really it or just contributing to my low levels of tolerance.

I have only relatively snapped once when I told a woman who asked a far too personal question that it was none of her business. Usually I just say that I don’t discuss that with people, but the “none of your business,” slipped out. This I know happened because she was talking to the person with me about me as if I wasn’t even there before she decided to ask me her next question.

So how do you deal with those moments where somebody kind of pushes your buttons when you’re not in a great spot in your life and button pushing makes you near volcanic? Do you have any thoughts that help keep you calm, or do you silently roll your eyes and hope karma comes on swift wings to the person who is getting on your nerves?


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