I have been really good because I have been walking down or past many makeup aisles on my way to other things in that area and I hadn’t bought anything. Yes, hadn’t as in past tense but this purchase was a Dollar Tree purchase so I do not feel horrible about that.

This lipstick was freshly there, or at least freshly to me since I hadn’t gone down the makeup aisle in that store in a long time. The color is called Ginger Spice. I wasn’t sure if I would want it. It is not a color I would normally wear but doing something different is sometimes a good thing.

Ginger Spice

I showed the package to my mother and asked what she thought of it because it is so not me. She said she thought it would be dark, but it would be pretty. On her vote of “pretty” I put it in the handcart and went on with my reason for being in that store in the first place.

So now I have Ginger Spice and no clue what I am going to wear it for but I shall see. While I have colors that I like and some that I wear more often than others I am not sure I have found that lipstick yet that I just love. My mother has one that she will pick up and wear over any of the others that she have almost every day. I don’t really have one of those lip-fabulous sticks yet. I have gotten into blending my lipsticks and creating a color of my own lately so maybe this Ginger Spice will blend into something great one day.

Stay Beautiful


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