To Wear or Not to Wear

I keep seeing my makeup cases. They are kind of hard to miss since they are sitting on the floor under my vanity. I have all these nice new brushes that came with the Missy Lynn palette I bought. Yes, I should probably wear some makeup one day. I just still don’t feel like it.


I do work out of my home with my writing, knitting, sewing design stuff. It’s not what people consider a “real” job, but for now it is all I have. I am hoping to get something else but I can’t exactly hold a gun to the people’s head and make them hire me. Well, I suppose I could but that would be illegal you know.

Even when I did work outside the home in the last state I didn’t wear makeup to work. Actually, I don’t remember wearing makeup for most of the time I lived in various sections of the west. Okay, AZ is like super hot (dry heat or not) and without a working A/C in the car one can still sweat like what my mom calls a Six Shooter (whatever that means). So makeup just wasn’t my main concern. Give me water, not makeup. I only put on makeup when I had a photo shoot.

But this is not Arizona any more and I still don’t go for makeup all that often…like very rare. I started thinking just a few minutes ago about my recent fictional character crush almost crush. Yeah, a guy from my upcoming book Midnight Rain. I would totally date Scout if he were real. Of course I say that now. If he were real I would probably change my mind if it meant putting on makeup ;).

Seriously though, I think I like the impossible guy. All of my crushes, serious crushes, have been fictional characters or men I would never really have a chance with. More fictional than real as there has only been one real one in the past couple years that I had a crush on however it’s a he lives all the way over there while I live all the way over here kind of thing. I am positive that little tidbit of fact has nothing to do with having to wear makeup. But that’s a story for another time I suppose…maybe–maybe not.

Stay Beautiful

It Works…

For me anyway.

I mentioned a while ago that I was trying the inversion method. I did not measure when I started that time, but this time I did. I figured I would like to see if this thing works or if I’m just having fun massaging my head while upside down ;). Well, I measured before and on the day after my last day I measured again and realized that it does work.

I will say that my hair grows fast anyway and I have never measured the growth week by week or month by month so I do not know how much of the growth is normal for me and how much is from the method itself. I am contributing all of this growth in one week to the method itself.

I did not straighten my hair out because I am still involved in a challenge I started last year and I have about two months and some change left to go on it so I am not putting that kind of stress on my hair until the final day of the challenge.

That being said, from my measurements before doing the method this month (measurements taken the night before) to the ones I took this evening I see a definite confirmation of the method working.

I measured in sections.

Increases are:

  • Left Front 1.5 inches
  • Left Middle 1.5 inches
  • Left Back remained the same
  • Right Front 2.25 inches
  • Right Middle 1.5 inches
  • Right Back 1.5 inches

I do not part very straight in the back of my head so by sections I mean chunks that are approximately the middle and back. For the back I did take the smallest level. Overall, It works. Why the left back remained the same I do not know, but it’s still the same which is good because that means I didn’t lose any. The right front saw the biggest change.

I am completely natural at this point and I love it. My hair is healthier for sure. Is it easier to take care of for me? No. Relaxed was easy for me, and despite what some people think I had no problem washing my hair daily when it was relaxed. But being completely natural is good for me. It reminds me of my younger years…of course somebody else was doing my hair then–thanks Mom.

I love how soft and thick my hair is and I cannot wait until I finish this challenge so I can play with some styles for my hair. Until the end of the challenge it shall stay braided under my wig. Of course if I am feeling lazy when the day the challenge ends it may still stay under my wig ;).

Stay Beautiful

Both makeup cases together.

Makeup Never Used

I already knew this but I am just not a makeup person. Oh, I love to buy it because it is so pretty, especially when the price is right for me, but I rarely wear it. Looking through my makeup cases and the newer makeup sitting on my vanity instead of in the case where it should be, I can see all the never opened, or never used pieces.

shadows and liner

I liked the gold but I liked the silver too; I did not need another liner but I got it anyway.

I still have yet to use the elf blush.


I haven’t used the lipstick…Ginger Spice

makeup-web-useI haven’t used any of the above–ever, and I most definitely haven’t used anything from my case in over a month…maybe longer.

I don’t need makeup. I feel beautiful without it, but putting it on sometimes could be a nice addition to an outfit. My mother does makeup far more than I do.

I wondered why I am not this makeup adventure type person. Then I started to wonder if moods dictate makeup wearing for me. Right now I just don’t care about anything and I think that lack of caring about life and the world that I live in probably doesn’t inspire me to play with makeup. I don’t know.

Do you find that the life you have to deal with changes your desire to wear makeup or do certain things?

Stay Beautiful

Sinking Ships

Have you ever just had one of those moments where the things you loved doing no longer interest you? I have had one of those moments before (more than one actually) and what I found is that not hastily making a jump overboard in a quest for escape is a good thing. Sometimes the need to abandon the ship is more of a moment of frustration, of being mentally exhausted trying to make something work or make sense. On those occasions sometimes it is best to take a step back, take a breath and come back with a clear head to decide if staying on board is the right option.

Royalty Free from

Royalty Free from

But then there are those times when there isn’t enough miles in between that can rectify the need to abandon ship. Those times are the times when I am trying not to abandon something that I really should let go. Those are the times when the decision is hardest to make. Those are the times when my emotional health takes the biggest impact.

So how do I deal with ships that may be sinking?

A step back, a deep breath (or several) and a look at what worked, why it worked and is it worth trying to make it work again. I question why I started some things in the first place. Did I start doing it because I had a love for it, or did I start doing it because somebody else wanted me to do it? Once I have my answer to those questions I can make a better placed decision than I can if I just jump overboard at the first sign of trouble.

Royalty Free from

Royalty Free from

Not every ship sinks, not every ship stays afloat. But if I continuously make decisions based on feelings without thinking them through there is a chance for a strong sense of regret later that can negatively effect my emotional and mental health.

How do you deal with sinking ships?

Stay Healthy

Natural, Glam and Blogs

I’ll start with blogs. When I follow a blog because I like what I have seen I have no idea following that blog is going to push all the other blogs I follow out of view. Some people post so much that the people I followed first are getting lost in the shuffle. So if I haven’t dropped by your blog lately it’s because I have lost you. The only way to find you, it would seem, would be to unfollow the blogs that crowd you out. I am looking for another solution, but I’ll see.

Anyway, today I was going to ask about going for more of a natural look to makeup or more of a glam look. When I do decide to put on makeup I want to play with my shadows because I don’t wear them often.  I wouldn’t call it a glam look, but it isn’t really the rolled out of bed and put on a little powder look either.

So which do you prefer doing more–Glam or Natural?

Stay Beautiful.

Again? Yeah…Again

I knew it would happen and some of you probably knew it would too–more makeup that I probably won’t wear.

BlushI went in the store and found myself in the makeup aisle and I thought, Elf blush…hmm, I don’t have any of those. It’s titled Showstopper with a pink background, but the bottle is purple. So what color is this blush? I don’t know because I haven’t worn any.

It’s also in a pump bottle which probably has me curious yet not curious enough to see what it looks like. I have never done blush in a pump bottle before.

While down the aisle I also thought I would buy Angel–the lip gloss. I hate the smell of it. Had I known it smelled so…sweet, I wouldn’t have bought it. While the package shows the lip gloss color as pink I think it’s just clear unless it turns pink on the lips.

I have not worn makeup in a long time so I don’t know when I will get around to any of this stuff, but when I do I’ll let you know if the blush is pink or purple…unless you already know because you have tried it–then you can just let me know :).

Stay Beautiful