Natural, Glam and Blogs

I’ll start with blogs. When I follow a blog because I like what I have seen I have no idea following that blog is going to push all the other blogs I follow out of view. Some people post so much that the people I followed first are getting lost in the shuffle. So if I haven’t dropped by your blog lately it’s because I have lost you. The only way to find you, it would seem, would be to unfollow the blogs that crowd you out. I am looking for another solution, but I’ll see.

Anyway, today I was going to ask about going for more of a natural look to makeup or more of a glam look. When I do decide to put on makeup I want to play with my shadows because I don’t wear them often.  I wouldn’t call it a glam look, but it isn’t really the rolled out of bed and put on a little powder look either.

So which do you prefer doing more–Glam or Natural?

Stay Beautiful.


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