It’s Not Over

Words I hear from people often:

I lost the weight I don’t need to workout and eat healthy anymore.

The problem with that line of thinking is it is a fast way to land back where they started, or even farther back. So how does a person win the healthy weight battle?

I try to tell people to workout and eat healthy because you want to. Don’t just make it about losing weight. Staying on a healthy course is a lifestyle, not just a for the minute type of journey.

What I see often from people who look at working out and eating healthy as a for the minute project is that they lose the weight. They buy new clothes because the old ones are falling off them. They are so happy and swear they feel more energized and healthy. Then they stop because hey, they’ve lost the weight. They go back to eating the same garbage and not working out. Then they find that they cannot get into all those new clothes and for some of them, those who still had a few of the old clothes that they didn’t donate or give away, they are unable to get into the old clothes because now they are too tight as well.

What I try to tell people is that you have to keep up the healthy living and not go back to the things that kept you overweight in the first place. I understand that some people don’t want to lose too much weight and they hit that spot–the happy spot–and that is where they want to stay. You will still need to workout, but now instead of trying to lose weight you will need to do it to maintain the new weight. Eating healthy is good too as it will help the body physically as well.

I suggest to these people to look at what their previous schedule for working out was and then see if they cut it a little if they can still burn the calories they need to burn to maintain their weight. For instance if you workout five days a week for an hour a day to lose the weight will you be able to cut it down to a half hour for those five days, or find another schedule to make it work for your weight maintenance goals?

While I will not say this is an absolute, Web MD has a suggested calorie count that can help you find a way to balance your weight loss, gain or maintenance goals.

Stay Healthy


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