Both makeup cases together.

Makeup Never Used

I already knew this but I am just not a makeup person. Oh, I love to buy it because it is so pretty, especially when the price is right for me, but I rarely wear it. Looking through my makeup cases and the newer makeup sitting on my vanity instead of in the case where it should be, I can see all the never opened, or never used pieces.

shadows and liner

I liked the gold but I liked the silver too; I did not need another liner but I got it anyway.

I still have yet to use the elf blush.


I haven’t used the lipstick…Ginger Spice

makeup-web-useI haven’t used any of the above–ever, and I most definitely haven’t used anything from my case in over a month…maybe longer.

I don’t need makeup. I feel beautiful without it, but putting it on sometimes could be a nice addition to an outfit. My mother does makeup far more than I do.

I wondered why I am not this makeup adventure type person. Then I started to wonder if moods dictate makeup wearing for me. Right now I just don’t care about anything and I think that lack of caring about life and the world that I live in probably doesn’t inspire me to play with makeup. I don’t know.

Do you find that the life you have to deal with changes your desire to wear makeup or do certain things?

Stay Beautiful


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