It Works…

For me anyway.

I mentioned a while ago that I was trying the inversion method. I did not measure when I started that time, but this time I did. I figured I would like to see if this thing works or if I’m just having fun massaging my head while upside down ;). Well, I measured before and on the day after my last day I measured again and realized that it does work.

I will say that my hair grows fast anyway and I have never measured the growth week by week or month by month so I do not know how much of the growth is normal for me and how much is from the method itself. I am contributing all of this growth in one week to the method itself.

I did not straighten my hair out because I am still involved in a challenge I started last year and I have about two months and some change left to go on it so I am not putting that kind of stress on my hair until the final day of the challenge.

That being said, from my measurements before doing the method this month (measurements taken the night before) to the ones I took this evening I see a definite confirmation of the method working.

I measured in sections.

Increases are:

  • Left Front 1.5 inches
  • Left Middle 1.5 inches
  • Left Back remained the same
  • Right Front 2.25 inches
  • Right Middle 1.5 inches
  • Right Back 1.5 inches

I do not part very straight in the back of my head so by sections I mean chunks that are approximately the middle and back. For the back I did take the smallest level. Overall, It works. Why the left back remained the same I do not know, but it’s still the same which is good because that means I didn’t lose any. The right front saw the biggest change.

I am completely natural at this point and I love it. My hair is healthier for sure. Is it easier to take care of for me? No. Relaxed was easy for me, and despite what some people think I had no problem washing my hair daily when it was relaxed. But being completely natural is good for me. It reminds me of my younger years…of course somebody else was doing my hair then–thanks Mom.

I love how soft and thick my hair is and I cannot wait until I finish this challenge so I can play with some styles for my hair. Until the end of the challenge it shall stay braided under my wig. Of course if I am feeling lazy when the day the challenge ends it may still stay under my wig ;).

Stay Beautiful


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