To Wear or Not to Wear

I keep seeing my makeup cases. They are kind of hard to miss since they are sitting on the floor under my vanity. I have all these nice new brushes that came with the Missy Lynn palette I bought. Yes, I should probably wear some makeup one day. I just still don’t feel like it.


I do work out of my home with my writing, knitting, sewing design stuff. It’s not what people consider a “real” job, but for now it is all I have. I am hoping to get something else but I can’t exactly hold a gun to the people’s head and make them hire me. Well, I suppose I could but that would be illegal you know.

Even when I did work outside the home in the last state I didn’t wear makeup to work. Actually, I don’t remember wearing makeup for most of the time I lived in various sections of the west. Okay, AZ is like super hot (dry heat or not) and without a working A/C in the car one can still sweat like what my mom calls a Six Shooter (whatever that means). So makeup just wasn’t my main concern. Give me water, not makeup. I only put on makeup when I had a photo shoot.

But this is not Arizona any more and I still don’t go for makeup all that often…like very rare. I started thinking just a few minutes ago about my recent fictional character crush almost crush. Yeah, a guy from my upcoming book Midnight Rain. I would totally date Scout if he were real. Of course I say that now. If he were real I would probably change my mind if it meant putting on makeup ;).

Seriously though, I think I like the impossible guy. All of my crushes, serious crushes, have been fictional characters or men I would never really have a chance with. More fictional than real as there has only been one real one in the past couple years that I had a crush on however it’s a he lives all the way over there while I live all the way over here kind of thing. I am positive that little tidbit of fact has nothing to do with having to wear makeup. But that’s a story for another time I suppose…maybe–maybe not.

Stay Beautiful


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