Makeup Videos and Beauty

When I have a down minute (which really is never but sometimes I get sidetracked on the Internet) I go watch makeup and hair videos. This is a more recent adventure as I have not always done this. I have my usual channels I checkout when I can that I tend to post about a lot here so I thought I would just do a search and see what else I could find.

You can watch the videos, or the channels and see if there is something you can use. As always, makeup is relative so what works for one person might not work for you. Just take something useful from these videos if you can, find some other videos on their page, and just have fun with your own style.


Shanny Stephens ~ Foundation Routine Tutorial Beginner Series 101

Misz Posh ~ Channel

Tips on skin and makeup

HowcastCareStyle ~ 9 Makeup Tips for Black Women

I need to get back to work on editing and writing so I’m signing off for the day. Have fun with whatever makeup looks you try.

Stay Beautiful


The Toughest Critic

My mom often tells me that I am my toughest critic. She’s right. I am hardest on myself and nothing I ever do is good enough for me. Those rare moments when I give myself credit for finally getting a positional shift in a complicated song I find a way to say, “but it’s not good enough yet,” or something else that pulls always from my accomplishment. The reality is I should be happy I got it right. Should that mean I stop focusing on getting it better? No. I should always try to get things better but that should not come at the cost of acknowledging the good parts.

Have you ever been your toughest critic on something or everything?

Being your toughest critic is what I relate to being a strength magnified so much that it becomes a weakness. Being harsh on yourself might prompt you to work harder; it may even help you deal with it when people are downright nasty in their attack on you—after all, you’ve said far worse about yourself. You’re constantly beating yourself up, mentally, emotionally, and because of that physically too.

So how does one stop being their toughest critic? I do not know the answer to this as I am still working on it, but some things I do that help me are:

  • Recognize how far I have come and how much I have improved.
  • Do not compare my skills with the person who has been doing it since childhood, or even the person who just started last year. We are not the same person and our development can never be the same.
  • Find at least one good thing in what I have done.
  • When critiquing my work I try to start with the good, proceed to the bad, and end with something else good.

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and sometimes it takes longer to get something right but that doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up about it. When reviewing yourself by looks, actions or anything else start with the positive because you have that if you open your eyes to it. Proceed to the negative—what needs work and why. End with the positive even if that is just telling yourself that you can accomplish your goal. It is much better to think that you can than it is to always tell yourself that you cannot.

Stay Healthy

Yellow Rose

Beauty Meets Fashion

I am not a Halloween celebrator so I have no intentions of going all costume on the night. In fact, I plan to curl up in bed with a book, knitting project, or just curl up in bed and get some much needed sleep. All that being said I clicked in to watch a video of one of the YouTube ladies I watch sometimes and I have to say her look is amazing on her.

So what is on my agenda for today’s look? I don’t know. I keep telling myself I should wear some of my makeup but every time I think I should I remind myself that I don’t want to. Yeah, just looking at the case is a turn off most days.

Inside makeup case look

I might put some on for the event later today but I’m not placing any bets on me doing it. If I do, I might do blue and silver.

ColourPop makeupI love wearing blue eye shadows. Something I might want to play with during the week would be Missy Lynn’s How to Rock Blue Eye shadow w/ Glitter look but toned down. I have done blue, I have done glitter, but it has been a while since I played with any of my ColourPop blues so maybe.

Stay Beautiful

The Problem with Autumn

Yard work is never ending, like many other issues in life. In summer it’s a twice a week cut. In spring it’s weeds that seem to magically appear overnight (seeing as though I had just pulled them two days before). In Autumn it’s leaves that seem to fall from trees everywhere and blow into the backyard. Lots of leaves that make me wish there were no trees. Every season has issues but seeing as though it’s not winter right now I cannot remember the problem with winter. The problem with Autumn though…well, I just have to look out my window at the yard I just cleaned and is still once again covered in sections of leaves.

Autumn has its benefits though. Sweaters can come back out to play. Coats get to emerge from the back of a closet, jeans won’t sweat your legs out like they can in the summer, and my favorite–hats and gloves, are once again on my soon to knit list. Yeah…I know most people knit the clothes for the next season and not the one they are in but I am not most people; I am just me–me is not so bad. When I’m in the mood for autumn knitting I knit what I want to knit. One day that could be hats, and the next day it could be halter tops.

Right now I’m working on starting a blanket that I hope to finish for the Fashionably Capri Etsy store. Blankets and I have issues sometimes–they take a long time to finish and my attention span, as I age, is definitely smaller than a gnat ;). Although to be fair to myself, I’m not so sure my attention span was ever larger than a gnat :).

Have a Fashionable Autumn.

Royalty photo from

Royalty photo from

Healthy Green Smoothie

Healthy in the Fall

I like a little something about all the seasons though I can see where some seasons might make staying healthy easier than others.

It’s Autumn (also known for some people as simply Fall) but the weather depends on where you are. For some people it’s gray and rainy, others have snow already. I somehow think snow is better than rain for an outdoor workout. If it’s pouring outside I do not want to go out there for a walk. A sprinkle I might but knowing the weather here a sprinkle can soon turn into a massive thunderstorm so I’m not always willing to risk it–sometimes, but not always.

So what can a person who wants to stay physically healthy do? Find other ways to workout, and of course keep eating healthy. Eating healthy shouldn’t be a diet; it should be a lifestyle. Diets eventually fail because people hit their number and stop whereas making healthy eating a lifestyle is something that can stay with you always.


Indoor workouts

Some people say they don’t have enough money for a gym or to buy workout videos. There are other options. Besides, even if you had the money for a gym if it’s raining so hard you don’t want to leave the house why would you want to drive to the gym in that? 😉 So staying healthy may mean thinking outside the box…a little anyway.

Here are a couple YouTube exercise channels that have a nice mix of workouts that can help you stay interested and get a really good cardio, toning and cool down workout routine right from your own home. Best of all, they are free–no money needed…well, other than paying for your Internet services.

Cardio, Toning and More

Scolo Dondo ~ YouTube Channel

She has dance workouts that can help get your cardio up, but may not be long enough for some if just doing it one round so you can mix them or do the same one with a repeat, or add them on with something else.

Azanto, Kukere and she even has some toning specific videos as well, including the Afrobeat leg challenge.

If you are looking for nutrition and food information she has some of those as well.

My go to for online YouTube Yoga videos is Tara Stiles. There are more than fifty videos to choose from so you can pick something that fits your needs.

When you’re done with that awesome workout and a warm shower a green smoothie is deliciously healthy too.

Healthy Green Smoothie

Stay Healthy

Morning Fitness

I’m never hungry first thing in the morning so I don’t get up and make green smoothies right off…plus I try to wait until my mom is awake before I make use of the blender, but that doesn’t stop me from getting a morning workout in once awake even on the days I plot and plan to do it later.

This morning was twenty minutes of cardio and twenty minutes of toning. I have something I have to do earlier today than usual so that alters my morning a bit but it’s all good ;).

Here is one of the toning videos I like. It’s not one I do a lot but it’s a really good one called Love Your Total Body! Full Body… These ladies have quite a few videos so maybe you can find one you would like to try out and add to your routine sometimes. It’s great to have options for when you get bored with the usual workouts.

Stay Healthy

Fall Vampy Dramatic Look

This young woman is so pretty but I also love her Vampy Dramatic and Bold Fall Makeup Tutorial too. I have not tried this pallet but you really can pick the color of your choice and mix it up however you want. That’s the great thing about these makeup videos–you can always change something to fit your style.

I found her channel through this video but cannot remember how I ended up on the video. At any rate, she has quite a bit of hair, makeup, skin care, etc. on her channel so check her out and see if there is anything on there you would like to watch.

Another fall vampy look I like is the one from the Mauve Vampy Fall Makeup Tutorial. By way of makeup looks (though not a tutorial) I really like Kendra’s look in the Fall Favorites tag video. It looks so perfectly beautiful on her.

Have fun with whatever looks you try out for your makeup, clothes and hair.

Stay Beautiful

Spanish Rose

Loose powder is so messy…

I cannot say this is the first makeup video I saw. I think I clicked on a link from somewhere else and somehow landed in YouTube makeup land, but this video, Spanish Rose, was the first one that made me want to try out the look.

I do not have the makeup, but the great thing, as I wrote before, about videos is that you can just use some / all of the techniques with the colors you want. I don’t use all of the techniques. I actually like the shape of my face so I am not one to try to re-sculpt it with contouring, but maybe one day I’ll have fun with that too.

This Spanish Rose look is one that I liked enough to play with more than a couple times. It has been a while since I used it so I was thinking maybe for my birthday (which I do not celebrate) I might do this look. Of course I’m not exactly a couple weeks away from it so a lot can change between now and then. I might do it because it is on that day when my hair challenge thing ends and I will be back to playing with my own hair…um, yeah, unless I’m feeling lazy that day. Who wants to spend like four to five hours on hair on their birthday? Then again, a lot could change between now and then.

So what makeup do I use with this look? My NYC palette. It’s cute…it’s messy ;)…it works. I love the colors on me.

NYC Shadows

Do you have any makeup videos that get your imagination going for your makeup looks?

Stay Beautiful

Makeup My World

Bond Look 2

When I awakened this morning I really was feeling like just doing the usual stuff. I really didn’t want to pull out the makeup case (yes, it’s only under my vanity bench with the other case but still…) but since I was wearing one of my dresses that I made and assisted with the design as well it made sense to play with the makeup today.

Bond Look 3One thing I noticed is that makeup isn’t always just about painting one’s face; sometimes it really can brighten a person’s mood. Did all of my troubles magically go away? No. Did it make me happier? No. I’m still me, my problems are still there, but what brightened my mood was that I took the time for me. It wasn’t about work or pleasing somebody else, it was just about me. I had a chance to be artful without wondering if somebody else would like my work, buy my work, enjoy my work. This was just about me and that “me” moment is rare for me so it felt really good to just do me.

IMG_5716This look is a very sultry makeup look that was fun to do. It’s not the same as the Bond inspired look video as I don’t have all of that makeup and I do like to be me at the same time. I did it different than the video and added my own style, but the idea was started with this look and I just made it more me. That’s a really great thing about makeup videos—watch them, take something useful from them, but always do you.

Stay Beautiful and Healthy

Just Breathe Makeup

I learned a valuable lesson that I already knew but needed a reminder of and that is to just breathe before leaving the house after a tense moment. Breathing allows one to cool off before opening their mouth and giving away way too much information to somebody who didn’t deserve that information…especially when reacting on “ifs” and not really on actual reality of calmer emotions.

All of that being said, since I am still beating myself up over letting my mouth outdo my brain I decided to watch makeup videos…um, I only watched part of them because you know…I have the attention span the size of a flea now days.

Now this look is not one of my favorites from these ladies but somebody might love it so I am sharing it here. It is the Zendaya Inspired Fall MakeupTutorial. Um…I don’t know who Zendaya is by the way.

Ginger SpiceI might wear makeup for the thing I have to do tomorrow…but I’m not holding my breath on that because I might wake up tomorrow and not even want to wear makeup. Yeah…I’m just really not in the mood for makeup.

Stay Beautifully Healthy