Suffocation, Makeup and Life Changes

I don’t really have anyplace where I can privately unleash my issues. That is, I do not have a written locked diary and people can easily find me online. There are those days when it would be great to have a listening ear, nonjudgmental that is. Sometimes you unload on the wrong person–like the bartender type thing. But this lady was very nice. She was doing her job and she talked to me a lot. She told me to call her even if it’s not about the new account. That is so nice, but I still feel kind of bad about unloading some of the things on her. But once one thing came out so did the next. She told me all the things I already knew. I studied psychology so I know this stuff yet I allowed myself to fall by the wayside.

She mentioned that I should do online dating, get out the house and have a life.

Yeah, I know the get out the house thing and meet people but home is my comfort zone so it’s not such a big deal if I stay there. But I have been in the state I wish I could leave for a long time and it’s clear that I need to stop avoiding making friends under the idea that one day I might get out of here. I should get out more…though there is nothing to do here. She even mentioned how this isn’t the place for somebody like me because there is “no culture here” and the pay is horrible here and something that my dad had already been telling me is that this place is better for people his age, not my age. I already know that though.

So with the conversation with the stranger setting me up in my new bank account I thought I really should do something about the things I don’t like. Online dating might be a bit much for me right now, but like she said, it would get me out of the house and allow me to meet people even if they are only friends in the end.

So how does this relate to all that makeup that I have been talking about?

IMG_4998Easy answer is that maybe I’ll have someplace I want to wear it sooner rather than later. Maybe I can try out this Mauve Vampy Fall Makeup look as seen on the Glamtwinz334 channel–but with my own colors as I don’t have what she used but I have something beautiful I can play with.


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