Small Towns in Films

There are lessons to be learned in life and they can come from anything, even fiction. Sometimes when I sit down and remember all those small towns in movies (when I used to make time for television that is) I think of something else. Sometimes I question how so many murders happen in such a small town like Cabot Cove, but other times I think of life in reality.

In many of those movies the people didn’t have marble halls and gold, but they always looked happy. While watching a movie with my mother (who went to sleep on me) I figured it out the why of it—they look happy because they are not focused on all the things they don’t have. They are just happy with what they do have—family, home, friends.

Being a city girl myself I didn’t have that small town upbringing so I don’t know if people are that happy on average in small towns, but I think sometimes people stay, not because they are stuck, but because they are happy with what they have.

Introspection is a marvelous thing. City girl to relatively small town environment is where I am at and I think, ‘there used to be malls, there used to be better paying jobs, there used to be skating rinks and beautiful parks, stores upon stores and hair salons like everywhere.’ There was a bus that you could actually take, and my goodness there were taxis there too.

So with my introspective moment I realize I could be a heck of a lot happier than what I am if I stopped thinking of what I no longer have living here and start focusing on what I do have. Life is too short to stress about the stuff you really don’t care about.

So what’s next for me?

Realizing I’m not in the big city anymore and figuring out how to navigate my new surroundings so maybe I can stop hating it here.

Stay Healthy

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