Just Breathe Makeup

I learned a valuable lesson that I already knew but needed a reminder of and that is to just breathe before leaving the house after a tense moment. Breathing allows one to cool off before opening their mouth and giving away way too much information to somebody who didn’t deserve that information…especially when reacting on “ifs” and not really on actual reality of calmer emotions.

All of that being said, since I am still beating myself up over letting my mouth outdo my brain I decided to watch makeup videos…um, I only watched part of them because you know…I have the attention span the size of a flea now days.

Now this look is not one of my favorites from these ladies but somebody might love it so I am sharing it here. It is the Zendaya Inspired Fall MakeupTutorial. Um…I don’t know who Zendaya is by the way.

Ginger SpiceI might wear makeup for the thing I have to do tomorrow…but I’m not holding my breath on that because I might wake up tomorrow and not even want to wear makeup. Yeah…I’m just really not in the mood for makeup.

Stay Beautifully Healthy


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