Makeup My World

Bond Look 2

When I awakened this morning I really was feeling like just doing the usual stuff. I really didn’t want to pull out the makeup case (yes, it’s only under my vanity bench with the other case but still…) but since I was wearing one of my dresses that I made and assisted with the design as well it made sense to play with the makeup today.

Bond Look 3One thing I noticed is that makeup isn’t always just about painting one’s face; sometimes it really can brighten a person’s mood. Did all of my troubles magically go away? No. Did it make me happier? No. I’m still me, my problems are still there, but what brightened my mood was that I took the time for me. It wasn’t about work or pleasing somebody else, it was just about me. I had a chance to be artful without wondering if somebody else would like my work, buy my work, enjoy my work. This was just about me and that “me” moment is rare for me so it felt really good to just do me.

IMG_5716This look is a very sultry makeup look that was fun to do. It’s not the same as the Bond inspired look video as I don’t have all of that makeup and I do like to be me at the same time. I did it different than the video and added my own style, but the idea was started with this look and I just made it more me. That’s a really great thing about makeup videos—watch them, take something useful from them, but always do you.

Stay Beautiful and Healthy


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