Spanish Rose

Loose powder is so messy…

I cannot say this is the first makeup video I saw. I think I clicked on a link from somewhere else and somehow landed in YouTube makeup land, but this video, Spanish Rose, was the first one that made me want to try out the look.

I do not have the makeup, but the great thing, as I wrote before, about videos is that you can just use some / all of the techniques with the colors you want. I don’t use all of the techniques. I actually like the shape of my face so I am not one to try to re-sculpt it with contouring, but maybe one day I’ll have fun with that too.

This Spanish Rose look is one that I liked enough to play with more than a couple times. It has been a while since I used it so I was thinking maybe for my birthday (which I do not celebrate) I might do this look. Of course I’m not exactly a couple weeks away from it so a lot can change between now and then. I might do it because it is on that day when my hair challenge thing ends and I will be back to playing with my own hair…um, yeah, unless I’m feeling lazy that day. Who wants to spend like four to five hours on hair on their birthday? Then again, a lot could change between now and then.

So what makeup do I use with this look? My NYC palette. It’s cute…it’s messy ;)…it works. I love the colors on me.

NYC Shadows

Do you have any makeup videos that get your imagination going for your makeup looks?

Stay Beautiful


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