Healthy Green Smoothie

Healthy in the Fall

I like a little something about all the seasons though I can see where some seasons might make staying healthy easier than others.

It’s Autumn (also known for some people as simply Fall) but the weather depends on where you are. For some people it’s gray and rainy, others have snow already. I somehow think snow is better than rain for an outdoor workout. If it’s pouring outside I do not want to go out there for a walk. A sprinkle I might but knowing the weather here a sprinkle can soon turn into a massive thunderstorm so I’m not always willing to risk it–sometimes, but not always.

So what can a person who wants to stay physically healthy do? Find other ways to workout, and of course keep eating healthy. Eating healthy shouldn’t be a diet; it should be a lifestyle. Diets eventually fail because people hit their number and stop whereas making healthy eating a lifestyle is something that can stay with you always.


Indoor workouts

Some people say they don’t have enough money for a gym or to buy workout videos. There are other options. Besides, even if you had the money for a gym if it’s raining so hard you don’t want to leave the house why would you want to drive to the gym in that? 😉 So staying healthy may mean thinking outside the box…a little anyway.

Here are a couple YouTube exercise channels that have a nice mix of workouts that can help you stay interested and get a really good cardio, toning and cool down workout routine right from your own home. Best of all, they are free–no money needed…well, other than paying for your Internet services.

Cardio, Toning and More

Scolo Dondo ~ YouTube Channel

She has dance workouts that can help get your cardio up, but may not be long enough for some if just doing it one round so you can mix them or do the same one with a repeat, or add them on with something else.

Azanto, Kukere and she even has some toning specific videos as well, including the Afrobeat leg challenge.

If you are looking for nutrition and food information she has some of those as well.

My go to for online YouTube Yoga videos is Tara Stiles. There are more than fifty videos to choose from so you can pick something that fits your needs.

When you’re done with that awesome workout and a warm shower a green smoothie is deliciously healthy too.

Healthy Green Smoothie

Stay Healthy


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