The Problem with Autumn

Yard work is never ending, like many other issues in life. In summer it’s a twice a week cut. In spring it’s weeds that seem to magically appear overnight (seeing as though I had just pulled them two days before). In Autumn it’s leaves that seem to fall from trees everywhere and blow into the backyard. Lots of leaves that make me wish there were no trees. Every season has issues but seeing as though it’s not winter right now I cannot remember the problem with winter. The problem with Autumn though…well, I just have to look out my window at the yard I just cleaned and is still once again covered in sections of leaves.

Autumn has its benefits though. Sweaters can come back out to play. Coats get to emerge from the back of a closet, jeans won’t sweat your legs out like they can in the summer, and my favorite–hats and gloves, are once again on my soon to knit list. Yeah…I know most people knit the clothes for the next season and not the one they are in but I am not most people; I am just me–me is not so bad. When I’m in the mood for autumn knitting I knit what I want to knit. One day that could be hats, and the next day it could be halter tops.

Right now I’m working on starting a blanket that I hope to finish for the Fashionably Capri Etsy store. Blankets and I have issues sometimes–they take a long time to finish and my attention span, as I age, is definitely smaller than a gnat ;). Although to be fair to myself, I’m not so sure my attention span was ever larger than a gnat :).

Have a Fashionable Autumn.

Royalty photo from

Royalty photo from


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