Beauty Meets Fashion

I am not a Halloween celebrator so I have no intentions of going all costume on the night. In fact, I plan to curl up in bed with a book, knitting project, or just curl up in bed and get some much needed sleep. All that being said I clicked in to watch a video of one of the YouTube ladies I watch sometimes and I have to say her look is amazing on her.

So what is on my agenda for today’s look? I don’t know. I keep telling myself I should wear some of my makeup but every time I think I should I remind myself that I don’t want to. Yeah, just looking at the case is a turn off most days.

Inside makeup case look

I might put some on for the event later today but I’m not placing any bets on me doing it. If I do, I might do blue and silver.

ColourPop makeupI love wearing blue eye shadows. Something I might want to play with during the week would be Missy Lynn’s How to Rock Blue Eye shadow w/ Glitter look but toned down. I have done blue, I have done glitter, but it has been a while since I played with any of my ColourPop blues so maybe.

Stay Beautiful


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