Makeup Videos and Beauty

When I have a down minute (which really is never but sometimes I get sidetracked on the Internet) I go watch makeup and hair videos. This is a more recent adventure as I have not always done this. I have my usual channels I checkout when I can that I tend to post about a lot here so I thought I would just do a search and see what else I could find.

You can watch the videos, or the channels and see if there is something you can use. As always, makeup is relative so what works for one person might not work for you. Just take something useful from these videos if you can, find some other videos on their page, and just have fun with your own style.


Shanny Stephens ~ Foundation Routine Tutorial Beginner Series 101

Misz Posh ~ Channel

Tips on skin and makeup

HowcastCareStyle ~ 9 Makeup Tips for Black Women

I need to get back to work on editing and writing so I’m signing off for the day. Have fun with whatever makeup looks you try.

Stay Beautiful


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