Food and the Impact on the Body

For some people food and the impact it has on the body is not important. However, if you are trying to lose weight, tone up your body, or maintain your figure the way it is then it might be important to you if you start to see the hard work you are putting into your fitness, health and nutrition, seemingly going out the window. For me that pretty much happened.

runner-546896_1280 (2)I workout because I love to workout and always have. One day I paid attention to how my body had been changing that year and how much I liked the new look. It was good for me and that is what mattered to me despite any remarks about my body I still loved my body.

Maybe about two or three months ago I started saying, “I feel poochy today,” a lot. At first I thought it was hormonal related but after I noticed it wasn’t just a few days out of the month where I felt “poochy” I started to wonder what I was doing wrong. My body was changing in a way I did not like. I hadn’t gained more than three/four pounds. I know, for a short person gaining a few pounds might be a major difference, but this didn’t look like the 3/4 pounds thing to me.

lettuceI took a look at what changed in my diet and I realized–it wasn’t just the candy added back in because that really does nothing for me other than break  me out it would seem; but it was the bread. I had cut bread out of my diet for a year, maybe more, and in the past few months I find that bread has become an addition to meals that I make for more than just me.

So with that knowledge I decided to cut bread out again. It’s not to say that once in every couple months, when testing out a new recipe, that I won’t have a little, but it is to say that I need to work it back out of my diet to get rid of the change to my body that I do not like. Realizing this early on allows me to catch the problem before it explodes to a point of out of control that I feel as if I am crawling out of the abyss to get back to the me that I like to be me.

So if you are noticing differences in your body, or even your skin, take a hard look at what you might be doing different, eating differently, drinking differently, and see if the changes of your skin and body started happening around the time you added in that “something” different.

Healthy is not a diet, it’s a life style. It takes work and sometimes an adjustment, but if you really want it you can make healthy for you happen.

Stay Healthy

Vegetable Basket

Questions that Make Me Go Huh?

I find it interesting when somebody asks, “What grade hair do you have?” I pretty much just say, “I don’t know; I never gave it one.”

The reality for me is that I didn’t grow up with a hair grading system. In fact there wasn’t much chatter about hair. People didn’t talk they just did and people who did sometimes taught their children how to do it too.

Going natural for me was just a decision I had been postponing. I had done it once, got tricked into relaxing again (long story but I’m sure I’ve told it before somewhere) and then once relaxed again I figured I cannot keep growing the relaxer out again and again. Once done I stuck with it even when I started mixing in doing it myself with having my mom do it for me. She did it because I didn’t do it as well as she would have liked (long story but it comes down to sucking at parting straight).

But once I decided on leaving the relaxer behind again I realized I wasn’t this little girl who would have her mother to do her hair for her like she did way back then. No, this time the natural hairstyling thing was all on me. I had been doing my relaxed hair for so many years that I figured it would be all about the same but my natural hair is way thicker, healthier, and more demanding of my time.

To make a long story short I will say I decided to do a hair challenge that started as 90 days of protective styling that had to be done week by week. So put it up, leave it up and don’t take it down for a whole week. Yeah, that didn’t work for me as I sleep all over the bed so the only way I figured it could work was to go under the wig again. I like wigs so no problem there…until I extended my challenge to a, “oh go to the end of the year” type thing when we were in like end of January I think. Yeah…I did okay but at some point I started missing being wigless.

So with about three weeks left on the challenge I am thinking of all the things I want to try. While I was excited about this a few months ago I am now thinking of all the things I’m going to have to do to my hair…all the work and the planning and the work.

I work on my hair but braiding it to go under a wig and styling it to wear out is going to take a lot more work. Why did I decide to make this challenge end on my birthday? I don’t know 😦 but I did so it does and so my birthday will see me spending an entire day doing the end of challenge hair day which must be straightened for the length check.

Since I grew out the relaxer from what I can tell my new growth is the same length as my hair was with the relaxer when I just pull it a bit to stretch it. The relaxed hair broke off and what I thought was, had I kept the relaxer my hair would be so much longer right now. So being older, and somewhat wiser, I see that the lady who told me of how long it would be with a relaxer wasn’t lying, she was just trying to delude me into thinking my hair was growing so fast and would grow faster with the relaxer so she could stop having to do the   work on my natural hair. Note to self, never let my brother talk me into letting one of his friend’s wives do my hair again.

Stay Beautiful

Healthy Quickie

Hi everybody. Today is Tuesday where I’m located and I like to hold out Tuesdays for the Health segment of the blog as much as possible. Today is a quickie because I have something I have to exit the house for today and very soon. So here it is, a blog post I found just this morning actually. I hope to see more on the site when I have time to explore.

                 Belly Fat

I can agree with the processed foods and sugar part of this post. I was in much better shape when I dropped candy cold turkey and unfortunately picked it back up when having to buy it for my mom. So, I’m at it again to try to drop all candy once again. My skin was much better without it.

You can read the post via the link below.

Life, Panic Attacks and Major Changes

Let me start by saying that I have not had a panic attack that I seriously know of, although I have let some uncomfortable things keep me away from things other people love which may be the reason I haven’t had a panic attack at this time.

All that being said I know that I have corresponded with some of you who have had panic attacks and may still be having them. This video is a woman who is discussing her first panic attack and the things she had to learn about herself.

What I liked was the reminder of how you have to take care of yourself and care about yourself, and that you have to be happy and do things that make you happy. I can agree with this because I spent the majority of my life being conditioned to believe certain things and being told I should be a certain person and when I started to realize I couldn’t live my life for other people I found a slice of happiness. That doesn’t mean the other people agree with me or  make it easy for me but it does mean that I can sometimes balance things and stay mentally and emotionally sane. I have my moments of feeling down and lost but for the most part I am trying to remind myself to be thankful every day that I woke up breathing. After all, tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.

I am working on some things for my life and realizing that what everybody else wants me to do is not necessarily what I will be happy with doing. Exploring the part of me that is completely me is where I am happy and so I try, desperately so, to always remind myself that I am who I am and that is okay. I always find myself thinking that people have their own lives and have had a chance to live it so it is not right for people to try to control somebody else, to force decisions and actions based on the life they wish they had lived for themselves but were too afraid to do, or just too jealous that you have the strength and passion to do.

I hope those of you battling depression, panic attacks and emotional battles can find a slice of calm that can help you find the happiness and life that is the right fit for you.

Stay Healthy

Hair oh Hair: The End is Near

No, I am not getting ready to go into some diatribe on the end of the world. I’m just talking the end of this challenge I did (for far too long now). I have one month from today before it is officially over. Yay!

Now I have to figure out what I am going to do with my hair. When I started this challenge I was already into my transitioning stage, but now I am completely natural and hair care is just different now. I am not sure how I want to style it really although I have a lot of ideas of things I would like to do…provided I have the energy to do it.

So what is my first end of challenge activity?

Washing, deep conditioning and I guess I’ll have to blow dry it and flat iron it for an accurate check on the other thing…not that I promise to do that last part. I haven’t used heat on my hair in over a year so I am not itching to flat iron at all.

One month from today it will be the end of the challenge and I can officially tuck the wig away until I want to play with it again but it really just depends on how tired/busy I am when the month passes. I may braid my hair and put the wig back on. Hey, it’s my hair and with very few freedoms in life sometimes I’ll hold on to doing it my way when it comes to the basics like my hair and makeup or no makeup, clothing…things like that.

YouTube Channels (with hair) I have found while watching makeup videos.


Maryam Hampton



I have found many others through my exploration of YouTube but those are the ones I try to make sure I check out at least once a month. They are still uploading videos and some have a consistent type schedule. Natural or relaxed you may find styles you like or maybe some of their makeup videos too.

I have to ditch the exploration for a while because I am expanding my business and I am determined to in the New Year stop treating it like a hobby and start trying to really treat it like a business with the hopes for having it on point next year.

Anyway, have fun watching something positive on YouTube.

Stay Beautiful

Fitness Therapy

After having a project fail on me I decided to just take a break and get my workout in. I had planned to do it after all project needs were done but things changed so why not use a workout for a little “don’t feel so bad about it” therapy?

workoutWell, I had fun, but it was a shorter workout than I like to do. A total of 40 minutes with 20 of cardio and 20 of toning. I would have gone longer on the toning but my arms were definitely not feeling the “little longer” quest. That didn’t mean I didn’t try to keep going but my arms pretty much had the, ‘yeah, you keep trying and eventually I’m just going to let you fall on your face’ speech going on. Plank positions take a lot of total body muscle I have found.

Some days I feel like I can hit my workout and take on the world and others it’s just kind of…”you have to be kidding me,” chanting. Today was a mix but toward the end I was doing the have to be kidding me chant a lot more than usual.

Oh well, a little workout goes a long way right…besides, today isn’t over yet and there is always yoga before bed if I have time.

Right now I have a project I need to reshape to make it work somewhere, a deliciously healthy lunch I need to cook and a story that needs to be finished by Sunday night (my deadline, not required by anybody else but me) so I should get to all that then.

I hope everybody is having a great week.

Stay Healthy

Going Green

I am a huge green smoothie fan. I love making new mixes of fruit, have finally found two ways to partake of spinach and enjoy it at the same time, and have found other vegetables that work great mixed into a smoothie. It was a definite learning process for me while I experimented making my own recipes and found just the right blends for me.

I try something new often and I don’t measure; I just mix. My favorite way is to puree, not blend, but I blend sometimes.

If you’re thinking of jumping in and trying a green smoothie there are so many creations that you can try. My advice would be:

  • fruit filled bowl picturePick fruits you like
    • The stronger the fruit the more it will cover a strong vegetable.
    • I found pineapples, strawberries and bananas to be really good additions, but blue berries and other berries are good too. (If using blackberries/raspberries and you don’t like the seedy aspect you can pour it through the strainer into your glass to get rid of some of the seeds.)
  • picture of lettuceDon’t be afraid of vegetables.
    • Try organic carrots (sliced, shredded or chopped are good because it blends easier.)
    • Organic spinach.
    • Organic Kale (this one, to me, is strong and needs a strong fruit to cover it)
    • Green leafy veggies in general. (I have done it with a salad blend but some of the lettuce was too strong for my taste.)
    • Beets are good for you (I do not like them and refuse to add them again to anything going in my belly but you might love them and want to try to mix a smoothie with them.)
    • Celery (and other veggies)
  • Add in organic Chia Seeds, flax seeds and anything else that you have researched and feel comfortable with. The Chia seeds I have add protein, fiber. Omega 3, Calcium and have other benefits.

The Liquid

~ Amount will depend on your blender but some recipes can handle ¼ cup, some take ½ cup while others might need a whole cup. The strength of your blender and the size of your veggies and fruits will factor in on this. ~

  • Best option without calories would be water
  • Organic coconut milk blends well but some people like soy milk.
  • One of my favorites is V8 Fruit Fusion (there will be calories added with anything other than water)

The thing I like about the V8 Fruit Fusion is that it does add something to the flavor and my favorite to use is the Pineapple Strawberry, but I have played with some of the others so my second choice right now would be the Mango one (Peach Mango I think).

But when without V8 Fruit Fusion I go for water. If the fruits are in season and naturally sweet they can actually bring enough flavor of their own without a juice or milk added. Again, Water doesn’t add calories so if you’re counting calories keep that in mind.

Also, if you are not using store bought frozen fruits (or fresh fruits that you have frozen for storage) you should add some ice to bring up the cold factor and this can also help make the smoothie thicker.

Anyway, have fun with it. Don’t fear trying something new. Just know your limits, what you’re allergic to and what you can handle before moving forward in a new to green smoothie adventure.

Stay Healthy