Going Green

I am a huge green smoothie fan. I love making new mixes of fruit, have finally found two ways to partake of spinach and enjoy it at the same time, and have found other vegetables that work great mixed into a smoothie. It was a definite learning process for me while I experimented making my own recipes and found just the right blends for me.

I try something new often and I don’t measure; I just mix. My favorite way is to puree, not blend, but I blend sometimes.

If you’re thinking of jumping in and trying a green smoothie there are so many creations that you can try. My advice would be:

  • fruit filled bowl picturePick fruits you like
    • The stronger the fruit the more it will cover a strong vegetable.
    • I found pineapples, strawberries and bananas to be really good additions, but blue berries and other berries are good too. (If using blackberries/raspberries and you don’t like the seedy aspect you can pour it through the strainer into your glass to get rid of some of the seeds.)
  • picture of lettuceDon’t be afraid of vegetables.
    • Try organic carrots (sliced, shredded or chopped are good because it blends easier.)
    • Organic spinach.
    • Organic Kale (this one, to me, is strong and needs a strong fruit to cover it)
    • Green leafy veggies in general. (I have done it with a salad blend but some of the lettuce was too strong for my taste.)
    • Beets are good for you (I do not like them and refuse to add them again to anything going in my belly but you might love them and want to try to mix a smoothie with them.)
    • Celery (and other veggies)
  • Add in organic Chia Seeds, flax seeds and anything else that you have researched and feel comfortable with. The Chia seeds I have add protein, fiber. Omega 3, Calcium and have other benefits.

The Liquid

~ Amount will depend on your blender but some recipes can handle ¼ cup, some take ½ cup while others might need a whole cup. The strength of your blender and the size of your veggies and fruits will factor in on this. ~

  • Best option without calories would be water
  • Organic coconut milk blends well but some people like soy milk.
  • One of my favorites is V8 Fruit Fusion (there will be calories added with anything other than water)

The thing I like about the V8 Fruit Fusion is that it does add something to the flavor and my favorite to use is the Pineapple Strawberry, but I have played with some of the others so my second choice right now would be the Mango one (Peach Mango I think).

But when without V8 Fruit Fusion I go for water. If the fruits are in season and naturally sweet they can actually bring enough flavor of their own without a juice or milk added. Again, Water doesn’t add calories so if you’re counting calories keep that in mind.

Also, if you are not using store bought frozen fruits (or fresh fruits that you have frozen for storage) you should add some ice to bring up the cold factor and this can also help make the smoothie thicker.

Anyway, have fun with it. Don’t fear trying something new. Just know your limits, what you’re allergic to and what you can handle before moving forward in a new to green smoothie adventure.

Stay Healthy


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